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When will Africans be capable of acting on their own as a continent and a people?

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Mon, 14 Aug 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

I find my own breed of black Africans as a complete joke, a people without clear-cut means of getting out of the problems they are faced since the partition of their continent into smaller countries by the white colonialists.

We, as black Africans, are just a bunch of confused people worse than the confused rivers meandering in the wild Amazon Forest.

Most of our modern-day seeming radical leaders have concluded that the Western countries, principally the Europeans and the North Americans, especially the USA, have exploited us for far too long, holding us in socio-economic bandages, and treating us worse than second-class citizens.

They have therefore decided to do away with them, if possible. This is seen in the stance recently taken by the military juntas ruling Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, and possibly Niger.

It is good for them to have seen the light, realising how these white countries and governments have been exploiting Africa to the hilt, and at the same time taking us for fools because we are honestly fools for a good number of reasons.

If our leaders can steal our various nations’ money in millions of dollars and pounds, stash them abroad for their personal and family use, and we still support them for belonging to our tribe, region, or town, then we are big fools.

By that action of theirs, supported by ours, we deprive the nations of the much-needed funds to develop them hence, always remaining poor, looking up to the whites to feed us with the crumbs falling off their table, however, with dehumanising strings attached.

Now that most of our latter-day saints in government, the military leaders, and the alleged farsighted civilian ones in South Africa, Kenya, etc., have seen the light hence discarding the Western world. Where are they going?

Instead of strengthening their African Union to see how best the Africans can be their own man and Africans being themselves, they are now running towards the Chinese and the Russians like headless chickens.

They see the Chinese and the Russians as much better than the Europeans and the Americans. What a damn fool these leaders are. Do they read what these Chinese and Russian leaders say about Africans and what they take us for?

Why can’t we seek to develop as a people and continent going through our African Union?

As long as we are not ready any day, and any time to change our deplorable African attitudes and mentality, all the whites, regardless of them being Europeans, Americans, Chinese, or Russians, will in the end treat us the same. They will exploit us, and treat us as sub-human.

What are the Chinese doing in Africa or Ghana that does not go to confirm the disrespect they have for us as black Africans?

Are they not audaciously killing some Ghanaians at their illegal surface and alluvial mining (galamsey) sites throughout the country with impunity? Are they not spoiling our water bodies, arable and fertile farmlands, and forests without fear, contrary to the laws of Ghana?

The Chinese and the Russians are not any better so please, don’t let us be damn ignorant African fools. It is about time we stopped our love of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, and all those silly negativities that impact us as human beings, pulling us backward.

Look at how Nigerian leaders steal their nation’s money in billions of dollars but not millions, and take them abroad to deposit into their offshore accounts for their personal use, although they cannot provide electricity for their country for a good number of hours, a day or days in a week. How damn stupid most of our African leaders and those of us supporting them are!

The well-being of Africans does not lie in any association with China, Russia, Europe, or America. It lies right in front of the Africans themselves but because they are mentally blind and sick through corruption, tribalism, and shallow-mindedness coupled with a lack of strict enforcement of the laws, they don’t see it.

Will the military juntas seek to develop Africa through the strengthening of the African Union, effective participation in the union, and formulation and implementation of farsighted policies strictly enforced and binding on the member states and their citizens? This in my candid opinion, is the only way forward but not any laughable association with this white country or the other. The value is the same. They all take black Africans for fools and shallow-minded people because we are rightly so!

Are you hurt when confronted with the truth? Then change your deplorable attitude!

The Kumawu/Asiampa writer will say it as it is without any attempts to clothe it in any deceitful good mannerisms.

This publication is dedicated to all black Africans, inviting them to do the right thing to bring real prosperity to them as a people.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo