Opinions Sun, 24 Mar 2019

When will Kennedy Agyapong complete his sentences?

If Kennedy Agyapong, was a teacher, his favorite exam question will be; complete the following sentence……

He has over the years, asked Ghanaians to complete his sentences for him. The man never makes a complete statement, his statements are always preceded with, if you dare me or don’t push me.

How many times, has he not asked Ghanaians, especially members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to dare him? He is always pregnant with information, except he has carried it for more than nine months, only God knows when he will deliver.

He has always put the government and his party on the edge, it is like anytime he coughs the party and government catches cold.

The comedy is becoming one too many. The directors and producers of Kumawood, must consider Kennedy Agyapong for a role in their movies.

He has become a comedian par excellence, and deserves a standing ovation.

The problem with Kennedy Agyapong, I have said countless times is that, is not that he is a fool. The problem with Ken is that he is a fool that loves to perform in the spotlight.

He is an erratic fool that goes out of his way to impress you. He is the fool that keeps pushing the boundaries of idiocy. He is the fool that demolishes impossibilities. He is the fool’s fool!

He has implanted himself on our consciousness; we can’t easily get rid of him. When you train a lion to chew the animals of your neighbor, when he is done with them, anytime he is bloodthirsty, he will turn to yours, that is the situation the NPP finds themselves with Ken.

A list of the times he has dared, threatened and left uncompleted sentences will call to question, whether he is a man to be taken serious or not.

In 2017, out of jealousy and sheer wickedness, Kennedy Agyapong, swore that, if Ibrahim Mahama, is not jailed, he will drink poison and die. Today not only is Ibrahim Mahama, a free man, he has not even stepped into any court room.

When Kennedy Agyapong in 2018, failed to secure the contract from the National Identification Authourity (NIA) to produce the Ghana Card, Ken as usual run to the media accusing Prof Ken Attafuah , the boss of NIA, of taking bribes from the company that won the contract to execute the project.

Ken Agyapong said Prof Attafuah received a huge bribe in the form of lands from one Martins, who is the owner of the company that won the 1.2 billion contract.

“Martins gave Attafuah lands. Yes. Martins gave him lands before he gave also gave in. I am telling you, I challenge them.” Ken Agyapong said, hitting a table repeatedly for emphasis.

After the Number 12 expose’, and Ken Agyapong launched vitriolic attack on Anas Armeyaw Anas, the Majority Leader, Kyei Mensah Bonsu, said Ken was in the fight alone, this enraged him and as usual descended on the majority leader.

“Do you know what I have? If he dares me, he will be disgraced. I am telling Kyei-Mensah that if he follows Anas, he will be disgraced because I will bring evidence,” Ken said

Kennedy Agyapong, had accused the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr David Asante-Apeatu of being subservient to investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, rendering him incapable of investigating the murder of Ahmed Suale.

According to him “I’m not surprised that the police has not invited Anas, because they are afraid of him”.

“Anas was the one who interviewed candidates to become the IGP. Can you imagine if he is the one who recommended the current IGP, what can the IGP do to him?”, Ken revealed.

After Ahmed Suale’s death, Ken called the bluff of the family of murdered Tiger Eye PI journalist, threatening to release more videos of the deceased if they fail to stop what he described as “silly” press conferences.

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has vowed to “strip naked” the Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr, after the latter sued him for defamation.

“I will face them one by one, nah! Kweku Baako… I will strip him naked… I swear to God,” Mr Agyapong burst into laughter as the statement of claim was read to him whilst on a radio interview on Accra based Asempa FM Tuesday afternoon.

“Twenty-five million, when I shit I will pay,” he added.

Sometime last year, at the height of his madness, he told the whole nation that, if the NPP dares him, he will reveal how they won the 2016 elections.

In a television interview on Net2 TV, Mr Agyapong said some party members were conspiring to bring him down, shut him down and disgrace him.

In what seems to be the angry side of the politician, Mr Kennedy Agyapong stated that some powers within the party want him to shut down – a pressure he can never succumb to and that if they dare him, he will expose the party.

Kennedy Agyapong is hallucinating again; his latest claim is that some people in the NPP, have contracted him to run down Anas.

I think this is another crap that, will not lead us anywhere, because Ken will not mention who and who contracted him. He will as usual leave us all to be guessing or as I said complete his sentence.

I have never believed or taken a single word of Kennedy Agyapong serious, except his insults and threats.

In any case, we are anxiously waiting for the Part Two of Who Watches The Watchman.

Anytime Ken issues any of his threat, it is either he has been denied a contract or that someone, had stepped on his toes.

We are tired of being kept in suspense. We have filled the blank spaces we are tired, complete them for us next time.

Columnist: Josephine Nettey