Where Did Ghana Come From? – Part 3

Sun, 24 Jun 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

There are dark stories about palpable frauds perpetuated by some WINNERS in general elections since 1969 in this country to what any “DEMOCRAT” will tell you that the so-called democratic ballot box used in contesting partisan elections are contested with MONEY.

In 1969, the National Liberation Council (NLC) Military Junta then headed by General Afrifa banned the great CPP with NLC decree 345 which made it an offence punishable by 5years imprisonment without the option of a fine or to both; Next it was an offence punishable with the same imprisonment if any Ghaanian was found in possession of the MERE PHOTOGRAPH of the Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Why was it so? Answer: The NLC junta leaders were so scared with the Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s picture that they had to ban it through a Military Decree. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, I hid Dr. Nkrumah’s pictures as well as his wife and former CPP ministers inside my wooden box and I preserved them to date 2012. After all, African Soldiers and Policemen could not search the homes of all Ghanaians to find Nkrumah’s photographs and arrest those who possessed them. I further advised all my CPP Comrades at Wa in the Upper Region; now Upper West Region to also do the same by keeping Nkrumah’s pictures in their boxes for preservation and future reference. Nobody knew Dr. K.A. Busia except the elite in Kumasi Ashanti Region and Sunyani in the Bron Ahafo Region as well as Accra – finish, because he was always in exile in Britain because of his bloody political fight with the late Dr. Nkrumah. Busia was the Chairman of the Centre for Civic Education, and he used that position to campaign against the late Dr. Nkrumah’s proscribed CPP Party for 3years even though the ban on party politics was not lifted by the NLC Military Junta. Finally, when the ban on party politics was lifted in 1969, he quickly resigned as the Chairman of the Centre for Civic Education and formed the Progress Party to contest the 1969 general elections which he “won” against his shadow in a “landslide” and became a dictatorial Prime Minister who was worse than the Military who handed over power on a silver platter to him. Mr. K.A. Gbedemah won his Parliamentary seat in his constituency in the Volta Region but he was prevented from taking his seat in Parliament because the great CPP was then banned for 10 good years – Yes, today, NPP is an offshoot of the Progress Party – Busia’s former party. In 1979, Mr. Victor Owusu, a very fine and respectful lawyer was the Presidential Candidate of the Popular Front Party (PFP). He began his campaign with HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY as the NPP did during the 2008 general elections. The PFP leader claimed that the money was accumulated due to his party’s “resourcefulness”. Even though, the Electoral Law was limited on how much a DONOR could give to a political party, this Law was NEVER OBSERVED by any single political party in Ghana. To defeat the PFP led by Mr. Owusu the Peoples’ National Party (PNP) Dr. Liman received HUGE SUMS OF ILLEGAL CASH from an Italian businessman called Chiavelli who had strong ties to a Sandi Oil Prince and to South Africa in which he was an Oil supplier. Now, with that huge money, the PNP went round the various Constituencies in Ghana influencing community leaders and chiefs. They also resorted to some dirty tricks in which the PNP leaders told voters that the election day, which was fixed on July 18th 1979 was only meant to receive the votes of the PNP members alone and a new date would be fixed to receive the votes of the other parties, so all members from the PFP and other parties could even vote for the PNP on JULY 18th and when the new date was fixed for their parties after July 18th, they could again go and vote for their various candidates. Even though Dr. Nkrumah died in 1972 in far away Romania, the PNP leaders told most constituency voters that a vote for Dr. Liman’s PNP would be a signal for Dr. Nkrumah who was then living in exile to return to Ghana and complete the great job he had started before being overthrown by the Military on 24th February, 1966. Even though it was very obvious that the PNP led by Liman was the only party most acceptable to Ghana at that time, it rather resorted to elaborate crookedness in order to guarantee victory on July 18th 1979. The most ominous sign of the coming problems of the PNP was the fact that the PNP was founded and finance3d by KNOWN CROOKS. E.g. Nana Okutwer Bekoe, the National Chairman of the PNP had served several jail terms for corruption during Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s time as President of the Republic of Ghana. He was implicated in a corrupt deal involving spraying machines. Krobo Edusei, the self confessed bribe collector, who was once described by the Korsah commission as UNFIT to hold public office, and a host of characters who destroyed the CPP and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah through their venality were the people who were supposed to create the new Ghanaian democratic state in 1979 after the House Cleaning Exercise undertaken by the AFRC Military Junta led by J.J. Rawlings. It was this government full of professional crooks, money grabbers and bribe takers that Jerry Rawlings handed over power to on 24th September, 1979 in an impressive ceremony in Parliament House. Dr. Liman, the new President was NOT, and has NEVER been a Card bearing member of the CPP at all he was a dyed-in-the wool card bearing member of the United Party (UP) which the NPP represent the 2012. Somebody should prove me wrong. Dr. Nkrumah would question him before God since they are all dead now. After being sworn in as President of the Republic of Ghana Dr. Liman summoned all the members of the AFRC Military Junta and gave them huge amounts of monies to pursue further studies abroad. All of them collected such monies except J.J. Rawlings who stated that he will still remain in Ghana and watch the performance of the PNP government under Dr. Liman. I am done. Jaambie Iwai. Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



All Media House


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement