Where Did Ghana Come From? Part 4

Tue, 26 Jun 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

President Hilla Liman paid huge amounts of money to the AFRC members including Captain Boakye Djan to enable them pursue further military courses abroad. The only soldier who refused to collect any pesewa from the PNP government was Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings who was prematurely retired on the instructions of the British government through Dr. Liman. A revolution is an organic constructional process in which the old edifice is DISMANTLED brick by brick, and a new house built in its place, stone by stone. This process takes generations. It cannot be the task of a CLIQUE, to remove that system in a period of FOUR YEARS. To remove the old and CORRUPT system may take only ONE MORNING. But to eradicate HABITS and ATTITUDES that characterize and facilitate the operation of that system is a TASK FOR DEDICATED BUILDERS. It takes DECADES and MANY GENERATIONS. Now, did June 4 and the 31st December revolutions accomplish that feat? These two revolutions started off violently and with iron fists and many lives were lost, many Cadres were dislocated for decades. Our revolutionary leaders started AMASSING WEALTH Left and Right, Front and Back in Ghana and ended up by telling the revolutionary organs at the grassroots to take the REVOLUTION while they took the MONEY in 1992. Therefore, the drama of the seizure of power is only a drama. The building of that POWER to create a new society is DULL, HUM DRUM, and completely UNREWARDED. Its Heroes are always anonymous, selfless, but Tough and Resolute. These are the real combatants and constructors of the New Liberty. A revolution must carry along with it always the Broad masses of the people. It cannot bend BACKWARD to appease and placate the OLD CORRUPT. MINORITY CENTRES OF POWER by believing that these centres have accepted the NEW ORDER. Jerry Rawlings had the opportunity on 31st December 1981 to use the real combatants including this writer for 10 years and over BUT FINALLY DUMPED THEM ALL. The builders of the NEW LIBERTY are the ORDINARY PEOPLE, particularly those in the rural areas in our context, whose majority is still HIGH. They are provided leadership by the dedicated skilled managers whose sense of nationalism is unquestionable. Jerry Rawlings had such skilled professional managers during the 31st December revolution who provided leadership with dedication and their sense of nationalism were unquestionable. Who were they? 1) Captain Kojo Tsikata (rtd) – the great patriot who busted several CIA sponsored coup attempt against erstwhile PNDC government headed by J.J. Rawlings which remain provisional for 10 solid years 2) Tsatsu Tsikata 3) Major Courage Quashiga 4)Professor Kwame Ahwoi

5) Daniel Ohene Agyekum 6) General Arnold Quainoo 7) Comrade Steve Obimpeh 8) Yaw Akrasi Sarpong 9) Asaase Gyimah 10) Goosie Tannoh 11) Dr. Yaw Graham 12) Nana Ato Dadzie 13) Kwesi Ahwoi 14) Ato Ahwoi 15) Alhaji Iddrisu Mahama 16) Mr. Ebo Tawiah 17) W/O I Adjei Boadi 18) Alolga Akatapore

19) Dr. Mrs. Mary Grant 20) Mrs. Aanaa Eunin, 21) Lawyer D.F. Annan 22) Col. Rtd Gbevlo Lartey- Current National Security Coordinator 23) Mr. Sam Garba 24) Mr. Kyeretwie Opoku 25) Joseph Yiele Chirah 26) Col. E.M Osei Wusu 27) Major General Mensah Wood 28) Mr. Ato Austin 29) Mr. Kwame Dwemo Kessie (K.D.K) 30) Mr. B.B.D. Asamoah 31) Mr. Owusu Acheampong 32) Mr. P.V. Obeng

33) Mr. A.A. Munufie 34) Mr. Addo Aikins 35) Mr. Dan Abodakpi 36) Hon. E.T. Mensah 37) Dr. Kofi Awoonor 38) Dr. Kwabena Agyei current - National Chairman of the ruling NDC government 39) Mr. Peter Nanfuri – former IGP 40) Mr. Kofi Djin – former IGP 41) Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah 42) Bed Ziedeng

43) Mrs. Valery Sackey 44) Brigadier Anyimidoho 45) Mr. Kofi Porturphy 46) Mr. Martin Amidu 47) Mr. Osman Boakye 48) Mr. Alex Bempong Marfo 49) Mr. Kwame Adjimah who was gunned down together with 4 others by a PNDC member in my presence at the Border Guards’ guard room on June 19th 1983. 50) Rev. Father Damuah 51) Bishop Joop Visser 52) Nana Akuako Sarpong 53) Mr. Nuamah Donkor 54) Mr. Fui Tsikata 55) Nana Oduro Numapau 56) Col. J.Y. Asaase 57) Mr. Nyamekye Marfo 58) Dr. Tony Aidoo 59) W.O II Salifu – former Western regional organizing assistant and 60) Prof. John Evans Atta Mills current sitting President of the Republic of Ghana just to mention only a few. In 1996, he was head of the Internal Revenue Service and Jerry Rawlings plucked him from that position and make him his Vice Presidential candidate and on leaving office in 2000, he told Cadres that Mills is very honest and a man of integrity so he IMPOSED MILS on the NDC party BY FORCE and all dissenting Cadres were just picked and dumped into BNI cells and Military guardrooms nationwide because of Mills’ nomination by Jerry Rawlings. He went on to campaign for Mills for three good times until he was finally elected President of Ghana. Then, Rawlings want Ghanaians and his Cadres who he used and dumped several times to rather abandon Prez. Mills in the middle of the road and cause his defeat in 2012 for “that short man” according to Rawlings to become President on the ticket of the NPP against his own party of which he is still the FOUNDER. I mean, why is it so? As a Cadre from June 4 1979 to date, the above ladies and gentlemen that I listed numbering 60 are not the only people known to me personally, but there are several others who I vividly remember and I will surely name several others in my next article. Jerry Rawlings must know that (1) He is still the Common Enemy of the NPP (2) He is still the “Murderer” in the eyes of the NPP and not a Saint as the NPP claim he is now (3) The NPP only want him to destroy the NDC for them to grab power (4) If Rawlings succeeds in destroying the NDC for the NPP to take over (God forbid) he will be the number one TARGET if Nana Akuffo Addo “that short man” who he (Rawlings) now know his real name (5) Rawlings will continue to attack the NPP under Nana Akuffo Addo too, and in re-action, Akuffo Addo will fake a coop attempt against Rawlings and detain him. When that happens, NOBODY in the NDC camp will sympathize with him at all – you mark my words. Apart from those who died in the above list that I provided, a good number of Rawlings’ Cadres are serving under President Mills government today and these people are branded as TRAITORS including Prez. Mills by Jerry Rawlings – Where does Rawlings want to take the NDC to? Does he think we are still in a revolutionary era, don’t he know that there are always UNDER HAND dealings in every constitutional government including his time as President of Ghana or what? The Rawlingses must re-adjust themselves or enter the Hall Of Shame instead of the Hall Of Fame – Is that clear? Where are all the beginners of the 31st December revolution? Keep your fingers crossed. I shall return in the final part of this article. I am done. Jaambie Iwaii. Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



All Media House


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement