Where Is The Source of The Nile (3)?

Sat, 24 May 2014 Source: Kwarteng, Francis

Who hanged Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa? Silence! The People’s Afrifa Faces Reason & Commonsense (AFRC)? Silence! Who then? The Circle. Thunder! The Straight-Line. Thunder! Who are they, The Circle and The Straight-Line? Social justice! Righteous anger! Retribution! The Circle and The Straight-Line did? Did what? Hanged Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa! Himself. How? The Circle. The Straight-Line.

Where is The Source of The Nile?

Simple. Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa hanged himself! How could that have been possible? Via a conscious stream of political euthanasia or of political suicide? Political suicide. The Circle. The Straight-Line. The Circle is a noose. He put his head in a noose, Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa. That is political suicide. The Straight-Line is public retribution. Firing Squad. That is. The Scarab Beetle asks The Wind: “Do you remember Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa’s “Guitar Boy” shooting and killing Lt. Moses Yeboah and Lt. Samuel Arthur, members of Victoria Uwaifo’s military band?” Firing Squad. Political Boomerang. Comeuppance. Law of Karma. Sankofa. Judgment Day. The Inquisition…The Circle. The Straight-Line. Life! Life! Life!

The Wind’s cyclonic windiness, a presential supertwister, blanketed the emotional silence of social togetherness of The Six Animal Friends. “Who is Geronimo Akwasi Africa?” The Wind asks in response to The Scarab Beetle’s question.

The Earth! No Earthquake! No sickly bombast of seismic pretense! Only the presential ghosts of the 300-assassinated men, women, and children at the hand of The Nation of Lazy Monsters (NLM). All innocent. Crying for social justice. For retribution. For a payback. The blanket of silence dissolved into a social brouhaha. Instantly. “Most people say he is, had been, will always be,” interject The Six Animals Friends, “everything that is wrong, had gone wrong, and will go wrong with African politics: Political corruption, ethnic chauvinism, political ethnocentrism, vigorous and uncritical defense of foreign interests against Africa’s strategic interests, betrayers of the African Dream…”

The Wind continued exactly from where The Six Animal Friends had left off: “Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa is simultaneously the bastard-children of the CIA and M16…The Duvaliers, The White Blue JB Danquah, The Dagbon Crisis, Inocêncio Kani, Al-Shabab, Chief Mangosutho Buthelezi, The Blue Nile KA Busia, Armed Robbery, Witch Camps, Boko Haram, Dumsor Dumsor, Brain Drain, Mobuto Sese Seko, Swiss Banks, Idi Amin…Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa is a good example of the ‘evil” condition the American rapper calls “Self-Destruction.’” Ghostly silence again. Death! Death! Death!

Where is The Source of The Nile?

Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa. Okatakyie Captain Planet? Yes. Katakyie Captain Planet? Yes. The political animal, a social mannequin, was simply the epidemiology and symptomatology of Ali Mazrui’s “African Condition”…Lack of race consciousness; bad leadership; political prevarication; weak political and judiciary institutions; dictatorship; inferiority complex; failing educational institutions; un-critical thinking; lack of cultural centeredness; lack of scientific, technological, and mathematical advancement of the continent; unemployment; mental laziness; resource curse; anomie; ethnic chauvinism (nationalism); un-patriotism; …Okatakyie Captain Planet was a symbol of Africa’s underdevelopment. As well as of his complicity in slavery, Apartheid, Jim-Crowism, neo-colonialism. A political effigy! Death! Death! Death!

Where is The Source of The Nile?

Indeed. Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa. Okatakyie Captain Planet. Katakyie Captain Planet. Whatever. The political animal was not what Walter Rodney had called “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa,” rather, he was what Marimba Ani, Bob Marley, Cheikh Anta Diop, Fela Kuti, Ama Mazama, Kwame Nkrumah, Amilcar Cabral, Dedan Kimathi, Malcolm X, and Peter Tosh had called “How Africa Underdeveloped Africa”! Africa under-developing herself! Self-destruction. Auto-cannibalism. Self-cannibalism. Auto-sarcophagy. Put another way, Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa battered the destiny of Africa for a paleontological dinosaur of artificial development, of Africa’s underdevelopment, by replacing the unparalleled wisdom and foresight of The Scarab Beetle with the deathly myopia of The Blue Nile KA Busia and The White Nile JA Danquah.

Oh Mother Africa! Okatakyie Captain Planet was a perfect negation of African spirituality, African Personality, and African humanity. How best could Africa get rid of the seemingly endless Feeder Rivers of The Source of The Nile?

Where is The Source of The Nile?

Let the real story begin. Let the true story begin. Of course, the esoteric case of “Kotoka” and “Afrifa” is a controversial one, because, for one thing, “Afrifa” originally meant “Africa,” where the letter “C” stood in for “conman,” while, the letter “F,” the penultimate orthographic-character in “Afrifa,” stood for “failure.” The paradox is that one person, an unnamed individual, answers to both names, “Kotoka” and “Afrifa.” Where is the corroborating historical evidence for this outrageous claim? It turns out both, “Kotoka” and “Afrifa,” are 6-letter words, with each name containing 3 consonants and 3 vowels. In turn. There is also another interesting piece of evidence purely based on literary mechanics: Orthographic numerology and orthographic pattern.

Questions: Are The White Blue Nile JB Danquah and The Blue Nile KA Busia relevant to The Source of The Nile? What of the Pandora’s Boxes of Feeder Rivers, of The White Nile JB Danquah, of The Blue Nile KA Busia, and then, even of The Source of The Nile? Mystery. AFRIFA?Afrifa’s Feeder Rivers Instantly Fail Africa! Is that a mystery? Certainly not. In that case, could Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa have been The Feeder Rivers feeding The Source of The Nile? The Pandora’s Boxes of personal, national, and continental insecurities! Oh The Scarab Beetle’s Garden-of-Eden Africa, the underdeveloped and ghettoized African-ness of Geronimo Akwasi Africa’s. A blockhead. A taxidermy dog!

What is more, regarding the latter, namely, orthographic pattern, placing “Kotoka” and “Afrifa” side by side yields a curious pattern of orthographic wonder. First letters: Consonant (K), vowel (A). Second letters: Vowel (O), consonant (F). Third letters: Consonant (T), consonant (R). Fourth letters: Vowel (O), vowel (I). Fifth letters: Consonant (K), consonant (F). Last letters: Vowel (A), vowel (A). However, regarding the letter, namely, orthographic numerology, “Kotoka” symbolizes a 6-letter word, so is “Afrifa,” an already-admitted observation. That is 66! Then again, the word “Kotoka” etymologically derives from “Kotoko,” a porcupinish word, representing a 9-letter word: “Porcupine.”

Indeed. The Porcupine is the official emblem of the Anti-Ash Nation, The Empire of Hollow Emptiness, the same symbol The Nation of Lazy Monsters (NLM) adopted in 1954. Also, as noted before, there is only one un-named individual who answers to either “Kotoka” or “Afrifa,” again, The Nation of Lazy Monsters (NLM). Putting all the information together gives 1966! The number “1” for the anonymous individual who answers to both “Kotoka” and “Afrifa.” The numerical twin-ness, 66, derives from “Kotoka” and “Afrifa.” And the number 9 is the orthographic totality of “Porcupine.” Interesting. Is that merely curiously coincidental?

Moreover, the numerical differential between 1966 and 1954 is 12, with 21 being its mirror image, the day?21 February 1966?The Dolphin travels outside the country. Incidentally, the number 24, which is twice the number 12, is the day?24 February 1966?The Scarab Beetle and his friends, The Six Animal Friends, fortuitously escape the seismic terrorism of the Nation of Lazy Monsters (NLM), a special day The Feudal Dictators call “Operation Cold Chop” and The Cottonians “Glorious Revolution.” Yet, these hard facts do not sufficiently explain why Afrifa is The Porcupine, pinpoint the exact locational Source of The Nile, for a special visit to The Rain Forest, a desert of Gorillas, Grasscutter, and River Horses, in the Anti-Ash Region fails to turn up The Porcupine, The Feeder Rivers.

Where is The Source of The Nile?

How sad. The shameful legacy of Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa’s “Animal Kingdom,” George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” Wole Soyinka’s “Open Sore of A Continent,” and Anti-Ash “Boforo Politics” overthrew The Scarab Beetle. That was. That is. Today. Grasscutter-Dung Politics. Dung-cracy. What about it? Dung-cracy of ethnocentrism, of ethnic chauvinism, of cultural a-consciousness. Of inferiority complex. Of intellectual backwardness. Of spiritual bankruptcy. Of emotional dendrology. The coprophiliac legacy of Okatakyie Captain Planet’s. Africa’s underdevelopment, Africa’s technological and scientific backwardness…all because of the intellectual and spiritual inferiority of that Dung-crat, Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa, his stunted and anemic foresight!

Where, then, is The Source of The Nile? In other words, which part of the Africa world must we look for innovative answers? Why is The Source of The Nile, much like Life itself or the cultural otherism of Death, engrossed in emotional complications of philosophical topology? Is it possible innovative answers are locked somewhere in the rhyme: LIFE and NILE? Were The White Nile JB Danquah and The Blue Nile KA Busia the innovative answers? Death! Death! Death! Was the orthographic lineup Busia-Danquah-Dombo the innovative answers? Death! Death! Death! Where is Life then? Where was Life then?

Oh! The Death! Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa, a porcupinish hyena, reduced the orthographic lineup Busia-Danquah-Dombo to a granule of institutional nonentity, The Dankwa Institute, a lifeless mausoleum. An institutional menagerie. An institutional eunuch. Of sorts. Was The Dankwa Institute the innovative answers? Death! Death! Death! The Death! Did Death have the innovative answers to the perennial question, Where is The Source of The Nile? Feeder Rivers. Possibly. Creative solutions. No. Death! Death! Death! The Death! Let us sing together:

Where is The Source of The Nile?:

Death! Death! Death!;

Death is not an answer to Life’s manifold problems;

Life is a creative response to Death’s Machiavellianism, Busia-Danquah-Dombo;

The Scarab Beetle is Life; Life! Life! Life!;

Life! Rebel! Life Rebel! Life! Rebel!;

Death! Go Away! Death! Go Away! Death! Go Away!;

Death to political animals that pleasurably kill innocent men, women and children for their blood and flesh!;

Death! Die! Death! Die! Death! Die;

Death to political cannibals and social animals;

Okatakyie Captain Planet! Go Away! Feeder Rivers! Go Away! Geronimo Akwasi Afrifa! Go Away!

The Dankwa Institute! A Luciferian liar! The Busia Institute! A Luciferian liar!;

Life! Live! Life! Live! Life! Live!;

Where is history? Where is the future? Where is today? Where is public conscience? Where is social justice? Where is race consciousness? Where is tomorrow’s people?;

Where is The Source of The Nile?

We shall return…

Columnist: Kwarteng, Francis