Where are the Intrepidly Wise Men & Women in Ghana?

Mon, 24 Aug 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Not long ago, a famous Ghanaian pastor queried, "Ghana anyansafo3 eei, mo wo hen?" Out of desperation emanating from how Ghana is sinking socio-economically owing to the mismanagement and perpetration of corruption by our political leaders in government, however with Ghanaians doing fuck all about it, the pastor was compelled to bemoan our lack of courage by asking, "Where are the wise people in Ghana?" He had hoped to see the wise men and women rise up, or step in, to rescue Ghana from the hands of the current rogues who are toying with the nation's future.

Nobody came out, although he had screamed, but in a mood of despair, for wise persons to emerge from their lair to wrestle Ghana from the hands of the currently incompetent persons at the helm of her socio-politico-economic affairs.

Yes, no-one responded to his clarion call; not for the fact that there are no wise people in Ghana, but simply because the wise people may be cowards. If he had called for dauntlessly wise people, the response would have been different.

Ghana from all empirical observations could be said to be on the precipice of economic collapse, if it is not already in financial abyss or strait. Her present economic demise has been brought about by the lack of farsightedness, coupled with the absurd propensity to steal, by our current leaders in whose hands the fate of Ghana and the citizenry has been entrusted.

For how long are we going to sit with arms folded around the chest, watching while some clueless, incompetent, but experts in graft, bribery, and corruption, row the economic boat aground?

I see myself as one of the fearlessly wise Ghanaians, or else, I couldn't have taken some supposedly powerful persons in the Ghanaian political and traditional arena on. Regardless of whoever you are, when you abuse your power, and so far as that action of yours impacts the public negatively, I shall not hesitate to point it out to you in any manner felt appropriate by me. If it was not so, I would not have bothered to draw Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II's attention to his shortcomings e.g. bragging about being above the laws of the land as seen on YouTube under the title, "is any one man bigger". I would also not have taken one Alex Agbesi Woyome on when he was perceived to have fraudulently availed himself of some State money. It always takes a wise, intelligent and fearless person to do what I do.

We have for far too long been talking while the same clueless, incompetent, corrupt and overwhelmingly obstinate few who think they have the right to do what they want when they want, continue to exploit Ghanaians to the hilt. They are living fat at the expense of the suffering masses. They are callous, and do not give a hoot about the cry for help by the suffering Ghanaian masses.

The President of Ghana has shamelessly typified his nonchalance to the needs of Ghanaians by saying he is like a dead goat. Dead goats do not fear knives. You can flay them, cut them up anyhow; they do not care because they are dead and cannot feel any pain. If a President of a nation can so wickedly, if not stupidly, compare himself to a dead goat when his style of governance comes under public scrutiny with questions asked, and that is the only answer he can offer, then it is about time Ghanaians walked the talk. Any such person is unfit to rule their own small family let alone, a nation.

If we do nothing about rescuing Ghana from these bunch of "human dead goats", then most Nigerians who think Ghanaians are generally weak, stupid, timid and uncivilized, are right in their presumptions – "as their dead goat President is, so are they all", they say.

For how long shall we sit on the fence, twirling our fingers when Ghana, and verily so, the lives of Ghanaians, are toyed with by a few greedy bastards? - Courtesy to former President J. J. Rawlings.

We have for far too long talked the talk; please let us walk the walk. This is my message to any Ghanaian who prides him or herself in being a rational Ghanaian. Wake up and join me to walk the talk. Ghana must be rescued from the precipice of collapse! This is my message to you today, oh discerning Ghanaian compatriots.

Hear, all ye rational Ghanaians, the voice of the lone ranger addressing you from the miserable valleys of Asiampa, the land of his ancestry, once a booming village full of life, but it is no more.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson