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Where did I go wrong on my advice to the President, oh destructive Ghanaian critics?

Ebony Prophet Nigel Prophet Nigel Gaisie prophesied the death of Ebony Reigns

Fri, 9 Mar 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

This publication is for educating some Ghanaians who passed demeaning comments on my recently published articles admonishing His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to beware 6 March 2018. I am going to use very simple questions and answers to prove how unintelligent those critics are.

Which of you, dear public readers, values their life less than their material wealth? When you are seriously taken ill and the only possible cure happens to lay in the dispossession of half, or the entire of, your material wealth to regain your health, will you conform to the requirement or you will keep your property intact and die? Let me emphasise here that death is an ultimate journey every living being will obligatorily undertake at a point in their life. Therefore, if you are cured of your illness today, it does not mean that you will never die sometime to come. However, in the moment of your critical illness and in your desperate search for treatment, will you part with some of your property to secure yourself the needed cure – Yes or No?

Why are Presidents or Prime Ministers the world over assigned close protection bodyguards? Why do they have motorcade? Are these services not meant to guarantee the safety and protection of the President or the Prime Minister regardless of their age and how long they have been in power? Why are they not denied such services for if they died or mobbed by the public, it is their destiny?

Why again are bunkers built in almost every country for the President or the Prime Minister to seek refuge in the event of his country being at war and the city where he/she lives about to be attacked by the invading army? Why do they not hang around like the ordinary citizens to be easily bombed, attacked, killed or captured?

All the above special provisions are made available to the President or Prime Minister because they are special and are the first among equals (.Primus inter pares). Their presence is paramount in the development of a nation hence protecting them at all costs.

Now, going back to explain the motive of this publication, some commentators attacked me saying, why should I advise His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to either contact the prophet, or seek God’s protection, when one of the numerous Ghanaian prophets came out to announce his imminent death on 6 March 2018 during the National Independence Parade? Do you kill the messenger? I was contacted by someone who had seen the video on YouTube and had concluded that most of the prophecies by that particular prophet always come to pass. The person knowing my degree of love for, and concern about, the President, contacted me asking me to do something about it. My duty as a good citizen of Ghana and someone who cares about the President, was to convey the message to him with a piece of advice to him to take the necessary precautions.

Where had I gone wrong? I was happier alerting him to the impending doom than sitting on my arse doing nothing only to bite my finger in regret if the worst happened saying, if I knew, I should have warned him as directed. I did not want to look a wicked fool living with guilty conscience for the rest of my life if the avoidable death did occur by my failure to act.

Why should I be lambasted by some ignoramuses? One of the commentators said, Nana Addo is 73 years old so if he dies, we shall not mourn but celebrate his death because he has lived his life to the fullest. May I ask that commentator this simple question, will he wail on the death of his father, mother, sibling or a family member who is 73 and over years old for any reason, or he will just slaughter sheep and fowls to organise parties to celebrate their death because they are old persons? Let him brood over the question and then keep whatever answer he arrives at to himself.

Another commentator going by the name Abraham…... castigated me over my suggestion to the President to stay away from the National Independence parade if indeed it would culminate in his death. The commentator said, I am foolish to advise the President to stay away from such an important national occasion. To him, I ask, what is more important than the life of the President? Is the celebration of the occasion more important than his life? To me, the answer is a BIG NO!

Did I not acknowledge in that publication that some of the Ghanaian prophets are fake with their prophecies being false? However, it is not all of them that are fake and also it is not all the prophecies that are false? It was therefore up to him to take steps to find out whether what the prophet said was false or true. Did I not cite instances to justify how some people who ignored certain prophesies suffered in consequence? Did I not cite Julius Caesar ignoring the warning to him by Suprinna, the soothsayer, to beware the ides of March? When Julius Caesar did not only ignore his prophesy but also, mocked him saying, “Aye, ides of March has come” with the soothsayer saying, “It ain’t gone yet”, was Caesar not murdered by sixty conspirators including Brutus on the night of 15 of March as predicted?

Yes, most of the current Ghanaian prophets are fake and are attention seekers. They are always publicising themselves because of their evil intents. Jesus warned people that he healed not to go proclaiming Him as the source of their healing but today, African prophets, pastors etc., do advertise themselves because of cheap popularity and to entice people to them so that they can fleece them. Despite this, there a few genuine ones out there but the fake ones are numerous.

One Prophet Nigel Gaisie is on one hand being disputed by one Bullet, the Manager or whatnot of the deceased dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns. Bullet says the prophet never contacted him but has being making some claims to the contrary after her death. Check the following web link for the details of claims and counter claims.


Prophesies come in one of these forms. Some are conditional where the saying God reveals to redeem comes in. When the revelation comes and you do as you will be instructed as might have been ordered by God, you can be saved. There is another one where there is nothing anyone can do to reverse the situation.

Check the following YouTube which is about a testimony where on the other hand the musician Kaakyire Kwame Appiah is asserting that the prophet did warn them about their impending death.


Honesty, the doom prophets are becoming too much of a nuisance in Ghana. When are they going to seek the face of God for Ghana to prosper where our corrupt politicians will cease their corruption to secure the collective interests of Ghanaians?

Ghanaians will need to be educated or else, the prophets will hold us to ransom.

Finally, some people claim not to believe in God or anything except themselves and their existence. I wish I could remember the name of the scientist who started to believe in Ghana just after his invention. It is claimed that after his invention, he sat down in his room and looked around him. He put a name of an inventor or manufacturer to anything surrounding him in his room. He asked himself, who invented this? He would mention the name of the inventor. He went on with his questions and answers until he came to what he invented. Finally, he asked himself, if everything in this room has an inventor behind it but never came here just by the crack of the finger from nowhere, then, I, (name forgotten), did not come to exist without anyone inventing or creating me.

It is the same process or one of the reasons used to prove that the earth is not flat but spherical/round. If the earth is a member of the universe and all the planets in the universe are round, then the earth must be round. It cannot be the only one odd out there among the lot. The roundness of the earth has been proved by science using satellites.

Science attributes certain things it cannot prove using technology and scientific research to Nature. What is that nature that they refer to? What one refers to as God, Allah, Onyamkronpon, Chineke, etc., may be what science refers to as nature.

I have brought in this point to make nonsense the belief by those out there saying there is no God hence castigating me for believing in God. I pray that Ghanaians will criticise constructively rather than destructively without advancing suggestions and advice.

To conclude, our prophets should please moderate their proclamations of prophesies most of which are based purely on probabilities, imaginations and predictions following the trend of current developments but not actually on God’s revelations to them. If they are lying, they should bear in mind that God will hold them accountable on the day of reckoning.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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