Which of these two persons will you go for, oh fellow Ghanaian voter?

President Mahama Nana Addo President John Dramani Mahama and Nana Akufo-Addo

Sun, 6 Nov 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Would you mind answering this simple question for me, oh my dear fellow Ghanaian voter? Which of the following two persons would you vote for as your future President to lead you now that you are about to be offered that powerful one in a four-year time life-changing opportunity?

The first person is a young handsome man. From all observable and established facts, he is corrupt, enriching himself at the expense of the citizenry. He is infatuated with the practice of selective justice, nepotism, cronyism and watches like a hungry dog sitting behind a bar of soap while his appointed young Government Ministers embezzle State funds with insatiable quest.

He goes on to be clueless, behaving same as a square peg wobbling in a round hole. He is not dedicated to full service to his nation and people but comes across as someone seeking his parochial selfish interest. He loves being a father for his party but not the nation when he is elected the President, however, the money and properties he is to manage belong to the entire people of the nation.

He is not dynamic. He loves encouraging lawlessness either subtly or directly and will be the friends of babies with sharp teeth who will insult his opponents, lying about them to not only tarnish their reputation in the eyes of the public but also, to frighten them off to make himself alone the “all powerful one” (“twonpeata”) in the country.

When his friends breach the laws of the country, he will find a way to set them free from the grips of the law by discriminately exercising his constitutional right of prerogative of mercy to remit their sentences or grant them pardon from imprisonment.

He does not sleep on post yet he watches with his mouth shut, his buttocks glued to his chair with his arms folded around the chest when his appointees scramble for illegal wealth, emptying the coffers of the nation.

The second person however is a presumed old man who is not as handsome as the young man. He is very experienced in politics, an asset gained because of his old age and the many years spent in politics.

His old age makes him not interested in amassing personal wealth but rather interested in acquiring good name by being at the absolute service of his people and nation.

He has publicly declared to the whole nation that he is not corrupt and for several years since that bold declaration, nobody, I repeat, nobody, has come out to challenge his public assertion of being incorruptible.

He is a father for all and does not differentiate between who is a member of his party and who is not. When it comes to differentiation between people based on an intention to practice favouritism, play one against the other, sorry, he is colour and race blind. He treats every Ghanaian equal and gives every Ghanaian equal opportunity.

At his old age, he is dynamic and even if he were to once sleep on duty as President Buhari of Nigeria is being teased by one Koku Anyidoho to have done because of his old age; his mind is always alert to detect any wrongdoing on the part of his appointees to whip them into line of political correctness.

He will put the nation’s money and resources to uses and services that will be of collective benefits to the citizens but not to share them among his cronies as the first young person does.

In a nutshell, the old person’s behaviours and intentions are the very opposite of the young person’s.

Which of the two persons discussed above, when elected as President, do you hope or stand the chance to prosper under their regime? Is it the first one (young person) or the second one (old person)?

The first one represents Mr John Dramani Mahama, the current President of Ghana from the NDC while the second one represents Nana Akufo Addo of NPP, the incoming President.

The choice is yours. The answer is yours to choose. I can only help you by making the facts available to you but the final decision rests with you and in your bosom.

If I were asked, I would go for the second person, the old man I mean, based on their individual characters as hereby told.

Do not allow beauty, height, ugliness, age etc. to be used to deceive you but count on honesty, dedication to duty, selflessness, incorruptibility, intelligence and knowing one’s job with distinction as pointers to guide you when deciding who to vote for.

I trust you, the Ghanaian voter, to take a responsible decision to vote for the person who has the best interests of Ghana and the people therein at heart.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson