Who Appointed Kwesi Pratt an Authority over Pressing Ghanaian Issues?

Fri, 10 Aug 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Mr Kwesi Pratt, the owner and editor of the Ghanaian Insight Newspaper is getting bigger and bigger and louder and louder on pertinent Ghanaian issues. He claims to be an outstanding social commentator without his equal in the annals of Ghana's Propagation and Commentary on Government Policies and Relevant National Issues.

I just wonder how much the NDC government and party are paying Mr. Kwesi Pratt to hop from one FM radio station to another. He moves between radio stations on daily basis defending the NDC's policies and actions irrespective of how good or bad they are? He is not actually a social commentator but purely an irresponsible biased person, a leech so to speak, in search of wealth by foul means or without shedding any sweat.

I am not going to discuss all his commentaries passed on relevant Ghanaian issues when at radio studios as a participant panellist. Nonetheless, I will discuss how I find this leech very nauseating on his insistence that there is no need for investigating the death of the late President Mills.

Mr Pratt says he finds it petty and irrelevant Ghanaians' curiosity to establish the cause of the demise of President Mills. He is not happy about Ghanaians requesting the conduction of a full autopsy on the body of President Mills followed up by possible inquest. He insists the family of the late President Mills is fully aware of the cause of his death, which to him is more than sufficient to negate any call for investigation into his unexpected death by the public. He claims to be aware of the results of the autopsy that several unknown pathologists carried out two days after his passing on Tuesday, 24th July 2012 but would not declare the results on air.

The fact that this loudmouth "Mr. Know-all" is fully privy to the cause of President Mills' death does not automatically abrogate the quest by the public to establish the circumstances leading to his death. Even renowned Medical practitioners like Professor Dr. Badu Akosah insists medical code demands when a patient passes within 24 hours of his or her admission to a hospital, obligatory full investigation into his/her death is required. Why then is Kwesi Pratt, a nonprofessional in medical field and practice can come up with the crap he is spewing all over the radio airwaves in Ghana? What is he actually up to with his dictatorial orders, screaming and know-all fantasies?

As long as the State is sponsoring the funeral of the Late President Mills without a pesewa contribution from his family, the Ghanaian taxpayers have the right to know how, when and what killed him. They also have the right to know how the Funeral Committee is spending the money earmarked for his funeral. Do you not have the right to know, fellow Ghanaians?

Finally, why are the NDC treating the death of President Mills as though they are the only ones in Ghana that have lost a great dear one? The late President Mills was the President of Ghana but not the President of the NDC and the members of the NDC only. They should therefore stop their childish behaviour of portraying themselves as the only ones that have suffered a great loss with the passing of the President. Based on their irresponsible assumption as just noted above, they may not have included members of the opposition parties, members of other interest groups and members of President Mills' family in the Funeral Committee charged with overseeing the late President's funeral.

Kwesi Pratt should please give discerning Ghanaians a break from his utter display of IGNORANCE. He is not as intelligent as he wants Ghanaians to believe. He is only selfishly protecting the flow of money into his wallet.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson