Who Caused The Crisis In The NDC?

Wed, 25 May 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The NDC is heir to the June 4 Uprising in 1979, so anybody who is against June 4 CAN NOT claim to be a TRUE NDC MEMBER because NOBODY FORGETS HIS OR HER ROOTS.

June 4 was NOT about THEM and US, THE POOR VERSES the RICH because there were thousands of rich people going about their normal business in Ghana.

It is NOT TRUE that June 4th was launched to make all poor people and all rich people to be equal as our political opponents in the NPP wants innocent Ghanaian to believe.

June 4 was NOT AGAINST THE WEALTHY AND PRIVILEGED, because there were thousands of wealthy and privileged people who were NOT TOUCHED at all in Ghana during the AFRC era.

The June 4 Military Junta that overthrew another Military Regime which was corrupt for 7 years was swift, brutal and decisive.

98% of Ghanaian Business men and women refused to pay their taxes to the State. They all rushed to pay their taxes to Government in full when the AFRC violently overthrew that 7 year old corrupt Military Regime on June 4 1979.

Therefore June 4 was NOT ABOUT speaking OUT AGAINST WRONG THINGS DONE BY OUR POLITICAL OPPONENTS and BE QUIET WHEN SAME THINGS HAVE BEEN DONE BY OUR FRIENDS, because wrong is wrong regardless of who commits it. This is what some NDC OPPOINTEES AND EXECUTIVE members of the Party feel uncomfortable with since the 2nd administration of the NDC under President Mills who took over from Ex-Prez. Kufour on 7th January 2009.

I am afraid, these appointees and those Executive members of the NDC will have to live with the spirit of June 4 which upholds the Truth and Hope rather than play the ostrich by pretending that All is well while the opposite is the case at the grass root.

Who is to be blamed, if the Party leadership COULD NOT SOLVE their internal matters before taking the avoricious LION Leading the NPP on, in the general elections 2012? Do you people think that people will go out and die while fighting NPP members for you to win the general elections and look down upon them. Now, it is abundantly clear that the DEVIL to deal with is not the NPP whose battle cry is “All Die Be Die” people will go out and die” With is NOT the NPP whose battle era is “All die be die” BUT the internal wranglings, character assassinations, extreme greed and Nepotism, false accusations and counter accusations, favoritism, factionalism, backbiting and the Open Division in the party by calling others Rawlings Boys and that if you are a Rawlings Boy, you will never get any job to do, rather they will prefer to work with an NPP supporter instead of a Rawlings Boy – Oh; yes, this is 100% TRUE. These govt. appointees have forgotten that their various appointments have Expiry Dates. What about if you don’t win the general elections in 2012, will you people call somebody a Rawlings Boy Again or What? Will you ask the hungry Rawlings Boys to campaign for the NDC with hunger for you to retain power in 2012 and regard them as social outcasts again in this Country? In the 2008 general elections, Jerry Rawlings will be campaigning at Tamale, and the then candidate Mills will be campaigning at Wa, while the Vice Presidential candidate John Mahama will be campaigning at Koforidua all appealing to the electorate for their votes.

Now, some government appointees are openly saying that the NDC can win the 2012 elections without Rawlings and that he can GO TO HELL if he will refuse to campaign in the 2012 general elections. Fair enough. But for the extreme hard work of Former President Rawlings in the 2008 general elections, Professor Mills would never have defeated the NPP to emerge as the President of Ghana. Those appointees who make reckless statements must KNOW THAT the NDC was far more united in opposition than We are now since the inauguration of President Mills on Jan. 7th 2009. The Party is so divided that only a miracle will let it retain power in December 2012. Who will campaign for his enemy in the NDC and vote for him? The Devils within the NDC are worse than our political opponents in the NPP. You will hear from us.


When Jerry Rawlings won the 1992 general elections the NPP targeted him as the Common Enemy of Ghana who must be gotten rid of for Ghanaians to become free people because they claimed he was a civilian dictator in his own NDC government.

Jerry Railings rode through the STORM and won the 1996 general elections and DECREED that whether you liked it or not PROFESSOR MILLS, the man of integrity must be his successor instead of our senior cadre, lawyer Goosie Tannoh.

Cadres ganged up and protested bitterly against Rawlings decision and several cadres were dumped in military guardrooms and BNI cells without charges proffered against them, just because of PROFESSOR MILLS. What are people talking about?

Today 2011, what has Rawlings seen in his chosen and only Honest Begotten son in the person of president Mills, and now want him to be replaced by his wife Or Dr. Spio Garbrah?

It is because, the millions of his supporters in the streets, Kaya yeis; chop bars, drivers, mechanics, fishermen, Miners, blacksmiths, shoe shiners, farmers, watch repairers, market women and scavengers who are the REAL OWNERS of the NDC are completely DISILLUSIONED to the extent that party foot soldiers are seizing toilets, and chasing non – performing DCE’s out of their offices because the leader of the NDC and President of Ghana DOES NOT GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION in order to DIRECT THE AFFAIRS of the NDC party. The TRUE SITUATION ON THE GROUND HAS BEEN KEPT AWAY FROM HIM, AND SO IF YOU WERE PRESIDENT MILLS, WHAT CAN YOU DO? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Many people must speak out and tell the truth even if the HEAVENS FALL and damn the consequences in this our dear country, Ghana because peoples’ lives were put on the line before we won the 2008 general elections Most government appointees, Regional and constituency Executives are chasing BIG CONTRACTS for themselves.


Once again, Rawlings has become the common enemy in the NDC, in which he is the Founder because thousands of petitions from aggrieved party foot soldiers have been written to him and his wife because those petitions were dis–regarded by the party structures in the Regional and National NDC secretariats. Their house is now full of thousands of petitions that they can’t find a place to even sleep.

Therefore, what ever Rawlings says about the NDC, in which he is the Founder is 80% correct but the President of Ghana has been deceived to see Rawlings as the enemy within the NDC even though he campaigned vigorously for Professor Mills to win the 2008 general elections. Are those Government Appointees now tearing Rawlings apart saying that Rawlings and his Boys rather ccampaigned for Nana Akufo Addo and his NPP to win the 2008 general elections or what?

Henceforth apart from President Mills and Vice president John Mahama, ANY government appointee who will issue a reckless statement attacking or insulting Jerry Rawlings will get a very Fitting reply from the Rawlings Boys (cadres) including this writer.


Ei. NDC, have it gotten to that extent? Why should somebody be assassinated for being a Rawlings Boy in the NDC, a party that was incidentally founded by Rawlings and his boys? The NDC is so DIVIDED that it is seriously digging its own grave to bury itself. Where were these destructive infiltrators and extreme greedy politicians when Jerry Rawlings wanted courageous men and women to stick their necks out in Ghana to be counted as P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s in January, 1982 under the P.N.D.C regime? Infact the NDC as a party seriously needs a complete HOUSE CLEANING in order to WINNOW the CHAFF from the MILLET. How can a dis–agreement in a political party lead to an assassination threat? We cannot kill ourselves and destroy the party because of Presidential Primaries?

One can assassinate an individual but no one can assassinate the masses – J.J. Rawlings, the world president whom some tax dodgers and smugglers LOVE TO HATE. In this country.

Nobody can ever threaten or intimidate any Rawlings Boy because we are very intelligent, bold and courageous and we are proud to have formed the great NDC and brought it this far – from 1992 – 2011 President J.E.A. MILLS is a God fearing man who does not like bloodshed in this country, so those so – called NDC members must not think that they will be set free when they are caught planning to assassinate any Rawlings Boy. God will not even support them to succeed, because it was Rawlings who founded the party and if some elements are trying to deviate from the party’s ideology – Rawlings have the right to dis – agree with them and his true supporters will also support him to the hilt and damn the consequences.

From the studious of City Fm, Joseph Yamin was quoted as saying that he had text messages threatening his assassination, yet this man, who is the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NDC worked like a BULL and was detained in police cells several times in 2008 and he has suffered more than most government appointees in the NDC today, but have been sidelined just because he is a Rawlings Boy. Why is it so?

The MIS – USE OF STATE POWER in the name of our HUMBLE PRESIDENT can be very dangerous – is that clear?

“AN ALL DIE BE DIE (VICOTORY PARTY BY NANA AKUFFO) ADDO. There will be an All Die Be Die victory party organized by Nana Akuffo Addo with the same theme, and all government appointees will be at the Nsawam Medium Security Prisons in including all National Regional and Constituency Executive members nation wide EXCLUDING THIS WRITER and they will all dance in rivers of blood whether they did wrong in office or not if he wins the 2012 elections so a fly without an adviser always follow the corpse to the grave and is buried with it because of extreme greed.

The CHAIRMAN for the occasion will be Jake Obetsebey Lamptey and EX – President J.A.Kuffour will be the Master of Ceremony (MC) for the occasion. The Right Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi former member of the Council of State will give the opening prayer while Brother Joshua now missing in action since 2007 will re – surface and give the closing prayer. They will finally close to organize the real victory party at Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra and Kumasi. Is anybody listening? I am done.


“Jaanbie Iwaii”





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement