Mills to be a One-term President - the Rawlingses will Surely Unseat Him.

Wed, 27 Oct 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The persistent overt animosity towards President Mills by the Rawlingses has

intensified lately. The Rawlingses are without doubt baying for a pint of blood and

a pound of the succulent flesh of President Atta Mills. This has been their

resolute determination right from the very inception of his ascension to the


It will be recalled that prior to being elected the President of Ghana, Mr. Atta

Mills had promised to consult Former President J.J. Rawlings 24/7 on policy

decision. Rawlings had seen this as a sign of weakness in Mills but a golden

opportunity for him to rule Ghanaians again. He had hoped to see a poodle in

President Mills. He forced Mills on his NDC party as their flag-bearer, opportunist

as Rawlings is. But little did he know that the learned intellectual had his own

agenda, he was not a stupid weakling as perceived by the Rawlingses.

Mr. Rawlings hit the campaign trail, promising Ghanaians Heaven on earth if they

voted for the NDC and the Presidential candidate Atta Mills. In his campaign

messages, he did not only rubbish the NPP but dissected sitting President Kufuor as

the most useless big thief of all time. He also threatened to rain brimstone on

Ghana were NDC and Mills to fail to clinch victory. To him, such a failure would

mean that the NPP have rigged the elections.

"Man proposes but God disposes" so the saying goes. When the NDC party and candidate

Mills by the design of God or the devil won the elections, Mr. Rawlings went on

television, gleefully punching the air and saying, "I have come back". Yes, he has

come back indeed. In less than no time, even long before the Transitional Committee

had helped transferred power to Atta Mills, cracks had started showing in the

friendship of Mills and Rawlings. Mills has his agenda - to rule Ghana as

"Asomdwehene" and Father of All. But Rawlings' agenda was to let him dictate to him

- to rule Ghana as a "buga buga" selfish, nepotistic, divisive and unreasonable

tribalistic dictator. President Mills saw no sense in Rawlings' admonition so long

before Rawlings realised, he had veered off that road of utter insanity and waved

him adieu.

"Mills is now his own man", an unheard whisper into the waxed ears of Rawlings,

President Mills had said, judging from his body language. Rawlings has gone mad

since then. How can Atta Mills take after the ill-advice as often given by Rawlings

- arrest all the NPP Ministers, sack all security personnel employed during the

Kufuor's administration, sack all those in responsible positions who were employed

by the NPP administration etc? Is this not an irresponsible advice short of utter

insanity? Will it not soon set off a ticking time-bomb? Does Rawlings think

Ghanaians and the world are still living in stagnation of his yesteryears of

irresponsible tyranny? If he was a fetish priest, he would surely not hesitate to

plead with his gods to kill Atta Mills for failing to honour his promise made to be

his poodle by consulting him 24/7, as vindictive as he is. If "Gyato", (I am not

insulting so Kobby Acheampong please stay far away from me with your motorised

mouth churning out "Kumasi Kookooase kuraseni" tribal anthem) had his own way, he

would physically personally man-handle President Mills.

Rawlings is a pure bully and a dictator. He thinks he is the wisest, strongest and

the most honest Mr. Squeaky Clean in Ghana. Is he not rather a monster in an angel's

skin? I think by his actions he is. Because he has not been able to have his own way

with Atta Mills, he keeps piling pressure on him by passing accusatory remarks about

whatever Mills does. He passes derogatory remarks about his person. Oh what a

confused mind Rawlings is. Rawlings has encased himself in that warped mentality of

"I am the best, I am born to win and to rule but never to be ruled" He has a long

way to go. Try as the Rawlingses will, they are political history consigned to the

National archives.

Has Rawlings the moral right to oblige President Mills to prosecute Kufuor and his

government for corruption while he shields himself in wrought-iron cloak of

Constitutional "Indemnity & no accountability clause?" What a double-standard con

and coward he is? Anyway, Rawlings and his wife are hell bent to unseat President

Mills come the NDC Congress meeting slated for nominating and electing a flag-bearer

for the party. Mrs. Rawlings Agyemang Konadu is pushing to clinch the flag-bearer's

position or at worst form her own party. This is all a plot to ensure President

Mills becomes a one-term President which in truth he will. Nana Addo, God's ordained

liberator is lurching in the dark to spring to limelight as the next adorable

President of Ghana.

Rawlings is trying hard to distract Mills from focusing on implementing and

achieving his "Better Ghana agenda" policies. I will strongly advise Mills to focus

on attaining his good plans for Ghana. He should completely obliterate Rawlings from

his mind or else, he gets himself always distracted. Rawlings is good at that. He

did it to Kufuor for sometime.

When there is a teeming problem within the NDC that affects the running of the

country, the NDC saints say, "this is an internal party problem" What is internal

about the issues of malfeasance within the government and NDC party as raised by

their party Founder and Father, Omnipotent Togbe Avaklasu Rawlings? It affects the

nation as a whole so NDC stop playing saints to come out truthfully as devil

incarnates needing God's mercy and the Holy Ghost's cleansing. I shall be back as

time is not on my side right now but writing within strictest time constraint.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson