Who Killed Dr. Kwame Nkrumah?

Sat, 23 Aug 2003 Source: Aidoo, Prince Junior

Fellow countrymen, a child will like to know if the naming of Ghana?s international Airport after General Kotoka was justified?, “There shall be no future for Ghanaians without the past history”. A child was born and the father was killed at the age of 10 (Ten) in February 24 1966. The child grew up without a father. The mother said boy, forget about what happened to your father and get on. The child at the age of 45 (forty five) asked the mother to tell him what really happened to his father in 1966. The mother once again said, son, forget and just get on. The desperate child said mother: “There is no future without the past” and therefore no matter how long it takes, I will dig like a rabbit an! d find out what happened to my father.

It is one thing not knowing what brought our nations development at a halt, but finding ourself in a political and social chaos. Our suffering and research brings us to the declassified documents that revealed that the CIA, with the help of Britain and France, master minded the coup that overthrew his father President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in the coup of February 24, 1966. The research went as far back to articles on the subject Based on reports released by the United State Department's Office of the Historian, the article showed, in part, American foreign policy manoeuvres in Ghana, under the Lyndon B. Johnson's administration (1964 - 1968).

Perhaps his father Nkrumah himself prophesied this in his book “Dark Days in Ghana.”

February 24 is history now. The child now found out after 37! years that the political developments after this coup that, his father Nkrumah was a true patriot; a man who, in his time, was loyal to Ghana and Africa. This admission of culpability is, therefore, like a wake for the living. It also shows how little domestic issues mattered in the scheme to overthrow Kwame Nkrumah. It has now been revealed that this foreign inspired coup was abruptly named the “glorious revolution;” reflecting a Ghanaian penchant for borrowing terms without pondering much about their full meaning. Now comes the difficult part; to admit that this so-called “glorious revolution” was fraudulent. A coup that was meaningless. A coup that has detracted the country’s democratic dream. A coup that made Ghanaians blind from seeing the iniquities of the imperialist.

Imagine the laugh instigators of the coup had when they saw the throng in the streets of Accra rejoicing at Nkrumah’s overthrow! After the imperialist has left Ghanaians, today we never hear anyone jubilating as they did in February 24th 1966. Ghanaians have not been able to justify the coup plot neither has the imperialist justified their masterminding the overthrow of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. After Nkrumah was gone, Ghana was left on her own by these erstwhile benevolent nations to squirm in the murk! February 24 created a chain reaction that brought Ghana to the brink of a failed state.

However, Ghana needs to express her outrage, if for nothing else. February 24, 1966 was a grievous act that destroyed our prospects. The child said he will do everything possible to protect the Honor of his father and to let the world know the coup was an affront and a violation of Ghana’s rights as a sovereign nation. The child said he has no arms to fight the Americans, the British nor the France, but have an inspired weapon that is the ”Truth” to prove to them that they brought colonization with heavy canons to the Bush, but the Bush was stronger than the canon.

The suffering Ghana has endured since 1966 is the departing point for any calculation. The number of coups, the dead, and mismanagement of any government after has accumulated to our woes and national debt. But even so, and after the catastrophe, why must Ghanaians Honor and erect monuments for people who brought her so much shame?. Why?.

Now there is the Kotoka International Airport attesting to General Kotoka, who was the leader of the 1966 coup. Kotoka is now being honored for distracting Ghana from attaining her vision is now a hero. Now that Ghana knows the truth, the question is, do we need to Honor a lie that abuses the collective sense of a nation. Should Kotoka be honored with a monument?. Another question, who is “Sankara”?. What did he do for Ghana that he as well deserves a circle to be named after him?. Why not after our heroes?. Don?t we have them?. This questions will be left as a chewing stick for our historians and nefarious politicians to chew and tell the nation the taste of it one day.

So what must Ghana do now? Is it not justified to tell Ghanaians the Truth? nothing but the truth?. We cannot wage war against the world’s only superpower America but we shall not stop telling them the truth until they can bear it no more. We will let then understand that they can kill and oppress many nations as possible, but the “Truth will forever prevail” so long as some of them live.

We all know that this coup was a serious lapse in judgment. It is a treason. Unfortunately, this admission has to be made, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Those perpetrators should be brought to book.

The child said fortunately, Ghana is still living, struggling but not a failed state. We shall remind America for their transgressions against this nation as time goes on. We will not sleep over until justice is done to this nation. We shall hold the imperialist responsible for their involvement in this historical coup in February 24th 1966.

We shall prove to those Ghanaians who still want to believe that February 24, 1966 was not a mistake, even after the evidence shows that the core reason was a lie that they have betrayed their motherland. The child has now found out that the tragedy of the period after independence was not the loss of power by Nkrumah and the CPP. The real tragedy was that an initial period of experiment in nation building was truncated prematurely, and thereby the calm for natural growth and development was denied the country. February 24 let in some 37 years of “Dark Days”; an incalculable loss in most terms, but, in real life the wreck is still available for inspection on the national scene. To paraphrase the words of Geoffrey Bing, Attorney General under Nkrumah and a former Labor MP of United Kingdom, whatever Nkrumah did, “ineffectual or confused,” he nonetheless represented a challenge for the West.! For it was this challenge that caused the West “to mount such a powerful and sustained counter-offensive” against him. One may therefore ask, who killed Kwame Nkrumah, and for what reason?.

Nkrumah was charged of corruption: That is definitely a joke in the light of what has happened since. I refer any doubter to matters facing the Ghanaian courts today. Today the UP/NPP tradition is going after former officials from the PNDC/NDC party with mega-charges of corruption. The UP/NPP tradition is also said to be corrupt. We however live to see the outcome of their rule.

Today Ghanaians should accept the shame of embracing a coup that was fraudulent. If Ghana looks foolish now, imagine how it will feel like when history remembers that she participated in her own destruction, and 37 years later, still did not know what happened to her!. The man Kotoka who left Ghana naked on the stage is now the hero. General Kotoka is now named after an Airport which his hands and feet never touched.

Fellow countrymen, one more thing is sure; we shall make sure that America renders an apology to Ghanaians one day. Kotoka International Airport and Sankara circle shall be renamed after a leader who deserves it in Ghana. God bless Ghana.

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Columnist: Aidoo, Prince Junior