Who Are The Biggest Thieves In Ghana? – Final Part

Thu, 7 Mar 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Getting to the end of the NPP government’s term of office in 2008, CORRUPTION and PLAIN STEALING of GOVERNMENT MONIES was so blatant and rampant that it was very hard to believe it.

It was so bad that even when they decided on the re-domination of the cedi, the old cedis, were getting missing from the Bank of Ghana vaults in very mysterious circumstances. Infact, it became so bad that some workers at the Bank of Ghana began to complain and when they complained, these workers were quickly sacked. A clear example is here: on the 28th May, 2007 alone, an amount of ¢234.15billion were taken away from the vaults of the Bank of Ghana by NPP gurus without the knowledge of the vaults manager, when he complained, he was sacked. Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia was there as Deputy Governor of Ghana but could not cough. Today 2013, these bunch of Nation wreckers, plain thieves and political criminals have the impudence to describe the President of the Republic of Ghana as a thief and further described honourable NDC members of Parliament as STEALERS. This was the first time I heard such a word from the foul mouths of the Asante/Akyem politicians parading as Parliamentarians who could hardly speak good English. But for ethnic voting, most of these academic undersirables could not become members of parliament in this country at all.


In the same Bank of Ghana, the Head of Security was assassinated in his house for protesting the rampart stealing of monies belonging to Ghanaians by NPP activists, Mr. Roko Frimpong, the then Deputy Director in charge of operations at the Ghana Commercial Bank was also shot dead in his house when he was even ironing his clothes at Tema by the NPP Death Squad. All these murderous activities and plain stealing of monies by the NPP would have been un-earthed by the late President, Mills’ administration, but for what ever reasons, he told the NDC leadership that he was not interested in vengeance, so we should LET IT BE and that was it even though the entire NDC machinery was UNHAPPY with the stand taken by Prez. Mills, but as a disciplined political party, we obeyed our dear President because Discipline Makes the Army. A War Machine.

There was also the case of ¢50billion spent on what the NPP government called “Security Operations”. No one actually knew what this was about, but it was obvious that the NPP knew how to chop STATE MONEY well, well and went ahead to even use some of the cash to conduct what the NPP called a “Military Exercise” at Radio Gold in Accra. That radio station is one of the most critical and balanced stations in the capital but filthy city of Accra, and since the NPP hate the truth Ex-Prez. Kufour sent his DEATH SQUAD there to go and crush that radio station and eliminate all the journalists including Mr. Kwesi Pratt, the Publisher of the Insight newspaper for the bravery he exhibited by taken a ONE SHOT PICTURE of HOTEL de waa waa belonging to Chief Kufour, a 41 year old son of Ex-Prez. Kufour. On! Yes-this is NPP for you-fellow Ghanaians in 2001, the late Vice President Aliu Mahama stated thus; “We did not go into government because of MONEY, we have our own Mercedes Benzes and Pajeros. We have not come to steal government’s money”. Well, he is dead and gone to his Maker- but what are we seeing today 2013? These Professional Armed Robbers and Sculp hunters in suits leading the NPP must be checked 24/7.


When the NPP lost the 2008 elections, their frustrated and disappointed President Kufour hurriedly announced a phoney pardon for Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata. The pardons along with the bizarre PUBLIC APOLOGIES that Kufour made in late November 2008 for any mistakes he may have done as President, have STAINED the former President’s CREDIBILITY and TARNISHED his reputation. The pardons have the appearance of an OPEN ADMISSINO OF GUILT FOR THE ABUSES OF THE FAST TRACK COURTS, a perception that had already been lingering uncomfortably in the public consciousness. Why would he pardon some one for corruption? And if they were not guilty, why were they imprisoned in the first place? This was 100% political motivated trials and imprisonments in line with the NPP vicious agenda to jail all leading members of the NDC and all former Ministers of State who served President Rawlings by the time they finish with their 4 year mandate in office- according to Mr. J.H. Mensah. By the time these ministers were pardoned they had all completed serving their prison terms already- Why/ The NPP fully manipulated the JUDICIARY from 2001-2008 and used the Judicial process to PERSECUTE POLITICAL OPPONENTS, and yet the NPP describe themselves as Angles of Democracy with bombs and grenades in their pockets, they call themselves defenders of human rights and yet behave like social deviants, clowns, murderers, liars and cheats. These are the people who want to rule Ghana again. We live to see. The tribal war lords in the NPP are fully prepared to kill one of their own if you cross their path to MONEY and POWER. E.g they trentend Dr. Busia’s daughter with death when she tried to expose the lack of commitment of the NPP towards the Proliferation of small arms in Ghana.


An amount of 160millino old cedis of the Tax Payers money was paid to some SIX NPP activists as allowances by Mr. Stephen Asamoah Boateng-former Minister of information and 280 million old cedis was also paid to them for their T&T in their smear campaign to DESTORY THE NDC ON AIR and the VARIOUS NEWS PAPERS. These were the bribes paid to the media to support Ex-Prez. Kufour’s NPP government and because of that the media described the NPP as a Media friendly government because the NPP could pay huge bribes to enable the media turn a blind eye to the corruption and non-performance in the NPP government and surprisingly took the then opposition NDC on its toes from 2001-2008. We had the following Six people leading the false media publicity. (1) Kofi Amponsah Bediako (2) Nii Bi Ayibonte (3) Abeku Dickson (4) Kwaku Kwarteng (5) Catherine Afeku respectively – who collected and shared the 10 million old cedis.

There were no vouchers covering that huge amount paid to the journalists, to publish TRASH which they did with glee. In addition an amount of GH¢28.100.00 which was spent on their travels to the regions for their dirty campaign was not accounted for in August 2008, Prof. Gyan Baffour the then Deputy Minister of Finance ordered the release of GH¢1.500, 000.00 from the Divestiture Implementation Committee Account to the NPP for campaigning while his counter part Dr. Akoto Osei by a letter dated October 20, 2008 directed the release from the MDRI account. Even though they stole all these huge monies from the public purse, the NPP lost the 2008 general elections because Ghanaians are very discerning. So who are the Biggest Thieves in Ghana? Are they not the present tribal warlords on warpath in the NPP today? Yes, they are and so they must give Ghanaians a break if the late President Mills have left them free they must behave like human beings and not human beasts. Is that clear? I shall return when the need arise. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii”. Aluta Continua.









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement