Who Will Purge NDC of Lawlessness?

Fri, 23 Sep 2011 Source: Baafi, Alex Bossman

By Alex Bossman Baafi

The advent of NDC into office has brought lawlessness of all forms into this country. It all started when NDC foot soldiers started seizing cars, toilets, toll boots, and lorry parks by visiting mayhem on those in charge with the flimsy excuse that “their government is now in power”. Nobody reprimanded them for their wrong doings, not even the opinion leaders of the NDC party including, the president. Again, not even the Police in this country.

Having realized that nobody in the party can rebuke them for their lawless activities, the NDC foot soldiers extended their disruptive behaviour toward the government appointees of MCEs, DCEs and violently chased many from their offices. Caterers of school feeding program, authorities of National youth employment programme and coordinators of National Health Insurance Scheme had their fair share of the brutalities but again these went unpunished.

In deed, these foot soldiers have remained untouchables because the Police Service that are mandated to maintain law and order surprisingly have not been able to leave up to expectation. The police have been foot dragging to take action against these lawless elements of the party to continue to brutalize and terrorize innocent citizens of the country with impurity.

Remember the gruesome murder at Agbogloshie, the mayhem that was meted out during the by-elections at Akwatia, Kyereponi and Atiwa. These foot soldiers of the NDC took the law into their own hands and caused chaos, rampage and assaults on innocent people without any actions from the police and party leaders. Perhaps what made matters worse was when the party founder, former President Rawlings congratulated and endorsed the negative actions of these same group for vandalizing and burning NDC party office in the Northern part of the country in protest of the law court’s decision to free the suspects of the late Yaa Naa’s murder for lack of convincing evidence.

The inaction of the president, the opinion leaders of NDC, the police and the seemingly endorsement of these unacceptable gross disrespect for law in this country by these so-called NDC foot soldiers, sympathizers or admirers have indeed made these nation-wrecking activities to triumph. Just last Saturday at Cape Coast, the mother of the party and wife of the founder, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and her supporters were violently prevented by hired Macho Men by the party to successfully prevent a ‘Thank You’ meeting between Nana Konadu and her followers.

In my opinion, the major cause for concern now is that, if these foot soldiers can brutalize their “brothers and sisters” in the same party, what will happen if there is a misunderstanding between these recalcitrant groups, that even the police have failed woefully to tame, and the other groups from the other side of the political divides?

The question is who can purge NDC of these lawlessness as the president, the founder and the police have all remained indifferent and do not care to bring these people to order. We need to find a solution to these irresponsible behaviours; it is a sitting time bomb waiting to explode in our faces because general elections are just at the corner.

If all fail, then, perhaps the all die-be-die principle will come into force to render this lovely peaceful country into chaos. It is rather unfortunate that the very people responsible to promote peace and unity in this country have remained silent in the face of this looming disaster getting ready to consume all of us. For me unity of purpose is what builds peaceful and successful nations. We must embrace the rule of law as the bedrock of our democracy and not to take the relative peace we are enjoying for granted. God have mercy on us.

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Columnist: Baafi, Alex Bossman