Who are the Enemies of the NDC and President Atta Mills?

Tue, 9 Nov 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Truly, the hallucination of the NDC will never cease until thy Kingdom come. Their failure to implement what has now vividly become their deceptive election 2008 campaign manifesto makes them go mad at the mention of the successes of their NPP predecessor. To circumvent their shameful failure, they have decided to ridicule the NPP by tagging them as enemies of Ghana's economic emancipation. They are constantly bashing and blaming the NPP for anything that goes wrong within President Mills' administration. It is amazing that almost all persons belonging in NDC as a party reason likewise.

Unfortunately, President Mills has the shameless audacity to see the NPP as enemies of his NDC administration. He asserts that these enemies of his government are bound to fail in their evil machinations directed at rubbishing his administration. To better argue my points, we need to get the picture clearer here. Who is an enemy? An Enemy is "a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another" Could President Mills now come out to enumerate instances where NPP have knowingly or unknowingly exhibited acts with the aim of obstructing the effective running of his administration. Or, the NDC's blame game is a mere political talk as once opined by Hon. Ama Benyiwa Doe, the Atta Mills' Central Regional Minister when queried about her insults and accusations of incompetence and do-littleness as heaped on Former President Kufuor when NDC was in opposition? I think it is the same thing that they are doing now to pull a fast one on Ghanaians.

NPP should be seen by President Mills if his opaque lenses will permit, as rather his rivals. What is a rival? A Rival is "a person who is competing for the same object or goal as another, or who tries to equal or outdo another" Does this definition not better suit the activities of the opposition NPP rather than seeing them as enemies? Until when will Ghanaians, especially the NDC, learn to differentiate between things properly to cease their political biases, political shallow-mindedness and incompetence? Will such lies and antagonistic behaviours not take us down the path of national disunity and doom? Please cease being petty with the truth all just because you want to hang on to power and milk the nation small or dry for as long as it takes.

If really there was an enemy of the NDC or President Mills, it is nobody other than the renowned tin god, the Father and sole founder of the NDC party, Former President Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings. His insults and harsh public destructive/constructive criticisms are far worse disparaging to the NDC and President Mills himself than anything coming from the camp of the NPP. The Enemies of the NDC are within the NDC herself. Just look at the undermining activities engaged in by Mrs. Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and her secret supporters. Just look at the obvious intransigencies and lawlessness of the so-called foot-soldiers in perpetration in Ghana. Do they not carry out their public panic inducing acts with impunity? This is just to mention a few.

President Mills sadly queries, "Did you see anything in NPP's eight years?" Yes, I did see something and still do. I saw the exploration for, and the discovery of, offshore petroleum (black gold) deposit in commercial quantities. This has since been the only hope of the NDC to achieving the successful implementation of their "Better Ghana agenda" in terms of financial availability to execute their projects. The STX-Korea project with its sovereign guarantee has been made possible all because of the anticipated exploitation of the newly discovered oil fields. I saw the abolition of the cash and carry system that turned Ghana hospitals into "the land of go to come no more" The nation's Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centres had become a cemetery to many patients until the advent of the NPP government that replaced the Cash and Carry system with NHIS that saved many would-have-been potential victims. I saw mass cocoa spraying that increased the productivity of cocoa which in turn increased that nation's external hard currency earnings. I saw the rule of law entrenched with the attendant freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I saw many more positive things. I also saw Ghana becoming a hub of Cocaine transit to other parts of the world, what a dent in the credibility of the Kufuor's NPP government. I saw more of good things than bad.

What do I see under the NDC of President Atta Mills? I see the perpetration of lawlessness being executed by some so-called NDC foot-soldiers with impunity. I see President Mills sacking legally employed police officers with the absurd excuse of having been employed by the NPP. I see the foot-soldiers taking the laws into their hands to chase out NHIS top office holders from their post and offices. I see armed robbery being on the increase and Ghana becoming insecure to all except probably the NDC. I see the politics of insults being masterminded by the NDC Ministers and top gurus. I see the NDC engaging the services of one Carl Wilson, a thief, to impound legally imported posh cars into the country to share among the NDC under the guise of auction sales but clearly an orchestrated daylight robbery. This frightened importers of cars from further importing cars into Ghana hence making it impossible for the Harbours' Custom & Excise to meet their revenue collection target. What a lurid case of causing financial loss to the State. I see rampant shortages of petroleum products supply with the attendant publicly expressed disaffection of the people. I hear corruption among the NDC, a genetic defect that affects Ghanaian politicians. I see the President being a Father of the NDC but not the Father of the Nation. I heard the President asking his Ministers to receive and attend to the needs of the NDC foot-soldiers only. What a crap? Are the NDC the only people in Ghana that deserve better? I see the President practising divide and rule politics. I see the NDC politicizing the Police force that has become trigger happy to arrest those deemed by the President and NDC as their enemies for any trivial offence caused. They accuse them of "causing harm, panic and spreading alarm" or whatever, in public. This is total insanity; I must be frank with them. On the other note, the NDC is face-lifting Cape Coast and has cut the sod to commence a project that will supply tap water to Kumawu, (that has not seen tap water for the past 35 years) Konongo and Kwahu. What a nice achievement!

The enemies of the NDC and President Mills are themselves. The enemy is within them and it is them. President Mills, please don't look yonder for your enemies for they are your very bedfellows and yourself. Your dismal actions can oftentimes be your own enemy and your worst nightmare; we are to take note of that.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson