Atta Mills ,Victory is Ahead

Wed, 9 Jun 2010 Source: Nfidah, Kojo

Atta mills was declared dead by his "against men" before and after the election.Rawlings has openly declared all out attack on his Presidency.The president is trying to cope with Rawlings insults by using psychological defense mechanism yet Rawlings does not get it.

Oh,Rawlings are you the God of Ghana?It seems you are the only righteous person in Ghana. Please give this humble president chance to rule Ghana. Rawlings you blamed Krobo Edusei and Okotwer Bekoe for dictating to Liman yet you are doing more than that. From Acheampong to Atta Mills no head of state is good.

I humbly appeal to the council of state,religious body and house of chiefs to sit Rawlings down.Peace loving Ghanaians,we must stand with one mind against the dangers of Rawlings.He is trying to sow seed of problems and disorder in Ghana.

NDC leadership, Atta Mills needs your suppot.Prof Quaye,the 2nd speaker ,God bless you,for your objective,inclusiveness' and love for Ghana beyond party lines.

Ghanaians are a product of one sociological family.Let put emotionalism,tribalism and party essence aside and give ATTA MILLS OUR PRESIDENT MORAL AND SPIRITUAL SUPPORT.

Rawlings,you must know that when you attack the meek,the Divine comes to his defense.

Atta Mills you shall overcome,Ghana shall raise her hands to God.


Columnist: Nfidah, Kojo