Who is going to run with the next flag-bearer of the NPP in 2012?

Thu, 12 Nov 2009 Source: Abrefah, Kwame Attakorah

Friends and admirers of Nana Obiri-Boahen are urging him to contest the running mate position as required by the party’s new constitutional amendments

There is no doubt that the NDC governments under President Mills is struggling to convince Ghanaians that they are better managers of the affairs of the nation. Ghanaians are now crying for the return of the NPP government as a result of the recent corruption scandal that has rocked the government, the general sense of insecurity that currently exist in the country and deteriorating socio-economic conditions. There is no doubt that the NDC will continue to throw dust into the eyes of the people in its desperate attempt to maintain power in the 2012 elections. Thus, it is imperative that the NPP’s preparation towards the 2012 election must start now. The party needs to mobilize resources, energize the base and select formidable, experienced and competent candidates for both the presidential and parliamentary elections. So far, the debate about who is best suited to lead the party to victory in 2012 has only focused on the presidential candidates with very little attention given to the vice presidential position. But to enhance the party’s chances of winning the 2012 elections and to position the party for subsequent elections, it is imperative that a strong, dynamic, committed, loyal and intellectually stimulating individual who has the ability to appeal to swing voters is selected to boost the ticket. There is no doubt that there are many capable and competent men and women in the party who can perform the duties of a vice president and campaign effectively for victory. But given the polarized nature of the nation, the question on everyone’s mind is who has a broad appeal to sway swing voters, energise the base of the party, help to mobilize enough resources, close ranks and strategise to win the elections. The fact that many people keep asking this question indicates that there no room for mistakes in the 2012 election if the party is going to win. In essence, overwhelming majority of our people are demanding experienced, qualified and appealing candidates for the 2012 elections. This explains our call on Nana Obiri-Boahen to run for the vice presidential position to enable the party to use his experience, great communications skills and wider appeal to enhance the ticket in 2012 elections.

Why Nana Obiri? Nana is a well-known legal practitioner in the country and has worked tirelessly to defend many party activists across the country. Nana is currently the only lawyer in the country defending NPP activist in custody at Tamale. In addition, Nana is widely known across the country for his great communication skills, which has enabled him to explain, defend and communicate the party’s agenda to different constituencies in the country. From a humble beginning, Nana’s trademark as a hard working, dedicated, down to earth, articulate and intellectually stimulating individual has enabled him to serve the party in many capacities. Nana is a former Brong Ahafo Regional Chairman of the party, former President of Brong Ahafo Bar Association, Former Secretary to the National Disciplinary Committee of the party and served his country as a Minister of state for interior during President Kuffour’s last term in office. Nana’s personal appeal stretches from the Brong Ahafo to many parts of the country and crosses ethnic, social and economic divide. Nana is young, intelligent and well prepared to help the party capture political power once again to bring the development and freedom that Ghanaians so desperately need.

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Columnist: Abrefah, Kwame Attakorah