Opinions Thu, 31 Jan 2013

Who is this Asiedu Nketia (aka General mosquito)?

First I want to comment His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama for his leadership so far. He has demonstrated that he is not only a unifier but also a pacifist. I urge the president to continue to work for the nation in spite of the perpetual loser Akufo Addo and his NPP’s provocation and quest to make the country ungovernable. Kudos JDM!

Now to my question, who at all is this “being” called Asiedu Nketia aka General Mosquito (GM)?

For the sake of our great Akatamanso family, some of us have kept mute over the nefarious activities of this loud mouth “being” calling himself a “general” but since he does not have the party at heart but his own selfish mean ( and of course his brick factory), I have no choice than to start talking now.

The recent machinations of Asiedu Nketia to disqualify Kofi Adams from contesting the Buem by-election is of course not directed to Kofi Adams per se but to Papa JJ; so to show him that he Asiedu Nketia has the power. It is a shame for our great party, the NDC to have such a person as a general secretary.

This General Mosquito generally known in NDC inner circles during Mill’s presidency as the car thief today have the gut to claim to be disqualifying people from contesting on the ticket of the great Akatamanso ticket. Was it not the same person that allowed Boakye Djan to contest on the NDC ticket? Is it not now obvious that because Boakye Djan had been “bad mouthing” the founder that is why he brought him in to contest?

Was it not this same “mosquito” that stole a castle car and sent it to a mechanic in Accra to alter the VIN number (engine identification number) and as a result the late President got so much upset with him that he initially refused to give him any appointments?

His appointment was delayed but was granted after a pardon and also when he (GM) had started bad-mouthing former President Rawlings and others who express opposing views about Atta Mill’s policies.

Mr. President and fellow NDC members, the earlier we remove this sick and ungrateful person from his current position, the better it is for our party. He is a criminal and should therefore not be given any political position/appointment.

Secondly, I expect the President/Attorney General and the people of the Bui to file charges for his criminal activities (conflict of interest) in awarding the contract of supplies of blocks for the Bui dam construction project, for which he is a Board Member, to himself. It is rather unfortunate that such a blockhead does not realized there is a conflict of interest in the award of the block supply contract to himself.

The government should act immediately to avoid any embarrassment this may cause the party in future.

Finally I would also like to know who Asiedu Nketia is and what authority he has to refuse Kofi Adams from representing his people in parliament on the ticket of the NDC.

The people of Buem would not forgive you and shall insist and support Kofi Adams to represent them in parliament.

I urge the NDC National Executive Committee to act expeditiously to let Kofi Adams represent his people on the ticket of a party that he is a faithful spokesperson its founder.

BTW does NDC not have a chairman?

Naana Ampong, Tain

Columnist: Ampong, Naana