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Who is this Ghana-based Ibo King taking the country by storm, inquires Yaw Poulous?

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Thu, 20 Oct 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

This article is written based on how an alleged Ibo King residing in Accra has taken the nation by storm. The way he carries about himself, quickly making connections, or associating, with, some former Ghana presidents and past or present powerful people in high positions, has caused an adrenalin rush in one of my former classmates at then Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School, now Kumawu Senior High School.

Mr. Yaw Poulous, the renowned student for always wearing "super skin-fit or skin-tight" shirts, has conveyed to my attention his worries about the inroads an Ibo national living in Ghana who has self-crowned or self-styled himself Ibo King, is making into acquiring power and influence to get many Ghanaians to submit to his authority.

His fear that this Ibo King will soon become so powerful to lord himself over Ghanaians emanates from his simple, but factual knowledge of his Ghanaian kindred being overly docile or amenable to manipulation, to end up being taken for fools and doing whatever the manipulators wish.

How the Chinese have nearly taken over the control of the country, flocking into Ghana in their numbers like vermin, disrespecting the laws of the land to reintroduce their own that enhance the purpose of their presence in Ghana to the detriment of the socio-politico-economic emancipation of the nation, Yaw Poulous is scared to see the Ibo King repeat same.

Again, Ghana itself has no Kings but chiefs, although the Asante Overlord is erroneously referred to as King, especially, by his Ashanti subjects.

If, in the fact, Ghana is a republic but not a total or partial monarchy with the chiefs only exercising ceremonial duties to aid the government's vision of bringing development to all the nooks and crannies of the country, why should we dare entertain an Ibo man come from his homeland Nigeria into Ghana, to conduct himself as Ibo King in Ghana?

As probably the head of a large association of Ibos, or Ibos presence, in Accra or Ghana, he can rightly call himself Ibo head or chief (a leader or ruler of a people or clan) but not King (a supreme ruler, Sovereign over a nation or a territory, of higher rank than any other secular ruler).

The fear of Yaw Poulous is that as easily misled or influenced as many a Ghanaian is, especially when some little money is doled out to them, this said Ibo man arrogating to himself the title of King and going about as such, can sooner have a large following of not only Ibos but Ghanaians, to cause problems in Ghana similarly as the Chinese over time are doing.

Yes, Ghanaians in many countries abroad have grouped themselves to reflect their tribes in Ghana. Subsequently, they have appointed leaders to serve them in the capacity of ceremonial heads, thus, chiefs.

These chiefs have absolutely no powers to influence the presidents or prime ministers of their host countries for the collective benefit of the people they head, let alone, for their personal selfish interests as is contrary to the case in Ghana.

I share the concerns of Yaw Poulous. If native Ghanaians are not sensitized to see foreigners in Ghana as not superior to Ghanaians and hence must conform to the laws of the land, equally as Ghanaians do, we shall wake one morning to find ourselves colonised, subjected to slavery on our land.

As I speak, Ghana is no doubt under Chinese colonialism. The Chinese have a total disregard for the laws of Ghana. They do the opposite of what the law requires them to do. They have no respect for the president and government of Ghana. They flout the orders of the president with impunity.

They are wreaking irreparable havoc on the water bodies, forests, and arable/fertile lands in the country. These Chinese are destroying these essential elements for the survivability and sustainability of human life without any shred of fear in them.

We don’t need any further foreigners to come and lord themselves over Ghanaians in whatever capacity, form, or shape. Therefore, we may welcome the Ibo chief in Ghana but not Ibo King.

I hope Ghanaians will not for the fear of their overwhelming poverty kowtow to this Ibo King as they have become too submissive to the Chinese to empower them to commit any nonsensical criminal activity that crosses their mind in their agenda to colonise Ghana.

Anyway, I am supportive of Yaw Poulous in his determination to warn Ghanaians against revering the said Ibo King who is all over social media portraying his authority in Ghana.

I have done my bit. It is now up to Yaw Poulous and Ghanaians to spread the good message and warning by forwarding this publication to all their friends and families.

Nobody will be able to build Ghana better for us but Ghanaians themselves. Therefore, let us all join hands together to save mother Ghana from rogue foreigners of whom the Chinese woman Aisha Huang aka Huang En, is conspicuously a leader.

I dedicate this publication to all Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School classmates of Yaw Poulous – from Sept 1971 to June 1976. May the souls of our departed Alex Bawuah and Hannah Bonsu rest in perfect peace.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo