Who is this man called Alhaji Short?

Alhaji Short NPP Upper West Regional Chairman

Sat, 3 Feb 2018 Source: Issah Fuseini

Alhaji Abubakar is the current Upper West Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Abubakari Abdul Rahman affectionately called Alhaji Short will be contesting as National Chairman of the elephant party New Patriotic Party in the upcoming National Delegates Conference. Alhaji Short has been Regional Chairman for three consecutive times and was recently credited for moving the Upper West Region which won no parliamentary seat in 2012 to the current four members of parliaments. He is a product from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Salzburg in Germany.

ALHAJI SHORT as he is popularly known has been polling station agent, constituency chairman, regional chairman for 12 years, chairman of regional chairmen, member of both the National Council (NC) & National Executive Committee (NEC); and disciplinary committee. All of this means he has gone through the structures of the party and has acquired the requisite experience and knowledge in the party. Who among the candidates has this impeccable party experience? I met Alhaji Short not long ago, but I have come to a firmed conclusion that he is good material and an asset to party.

The commitment and dedication towards party activities is unquestionably, he has remarkable records and has walk through party procedures all his life. He has been a good friend of the president for many years; in reciprocation the president has publicly acknowledged his loyalty. There can be no better indication that Alhaji Short is bent on ensuring that the party wins the 2020 elections and the elections beyond; that he has no other interest than to make the NPP more attractive by bridging the link between ordinary patriots and government so as to serve the party and the nation better. This calls for his promotion to be the next national chairman of the NPP.

Alhaji Short did leave any stone unturn in the run up to 2016 general elections, that is what led to the fall of the second stronghold of NDC. Alhaji Short was in the villages, households and the streets of the Upper West Region campaigning for the parliamentary candidates and the presidential candidate, even as he was concurrently committing both financial and non financial resources to the cause. He is a grassroot man who understand the plight and concerns of the ordinary party members. This makes Alhaji Short best-suited to be national chairman, as politics in Ghana is more grassroot based compared to office based.

Anyone who is close to Alhaji Short or knows someone close to him will attest to his very high confidence level. He instils a lot of comradeship and followership among his followers. He is a good coach who knows how to push you so that you can bring the best you have in yourself. It’s this his confidence, passion and inspiration that has kept the NPP growing in strength upon strength in a not to far comfortable zone/region of the NDC.

Party executives, party delegates, I introduce to you the man of the moment, Alhaji Short who wants to lead our great party and tradition, the NPP. He is my choice and I believe with him, the NPP will rule the country for a very long time and party faithfuls will enjoy the fruits of their labour. He knows the sufferings of the grassroots and he knows how to handle the grassroot.

Columnist: Issah Fuseini