Who's zooming who?

Tue, 10 Oct 2006 Source: Quaye, Rikard

Readers will recall that I took strong exception as to why Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo was running around trying to promote legislation to bring back convicted drug peddlers to serve out their sentences in Ghana. In that article, I had the opportunity to express grave concerns about the proliferation of drug peddling and drug culture in our country.

In the light of the recent revelations about complicity within the highest echelons of our law enforcement in the drug culture, dare I ask those who were questioning my reasoning! Now do you believe me?

What would have happened if those criminals had been brought back to Ghana to come and continue their sentences at enormous cost to the taxpayer and at the expense of more important national development? They would have been promptly released by a corrupted and moribund law enforcement regime that has completely lost its moral compass to go and continue their nefarious activities. It is therefore indeed satisfying that the president has come out to promise the nation that he will never sign Akuffo Addo’s delusions into law.

Indeed, Mr. Kuffuor expressed concerns that clearly vindicated my position on this matter. At the time, I wrote that drug peddlers use their ill gotten largesse to do many things, like influence peddling within our socio cultural structures and it was very dangerous for us as a society to eschew the impression that we will not tolerate them within our midst.

Of course, the one dimension to the drug culture for which there couldn’t have been any forseeability on my part was the debaucherous and licentious lifestyles of these drug peddlers. So one may ask the import of this piece; well here it is!

There is currently a video of one of the recently arrested drug barons engaging in indescribable sexual acts with a certain woman making the rounds in Accra. A closer scrutiny of the video will reveal that the woman in the video is infact the wife of one of Ghana’s most prominent businessmen. The shocking video depicts the 2 of them in all sorts of carnal positions that will make the inventors of Kamasutra gape in awe. The triple x rated video is so graphic and so explicit it should be entered in adult video’s dirty debutantes of the year award. The acts of sodomy depicted in the video are enough to metamorphose Lot’s wife from a pillar of salt to a pillar of steel.

Although the gentleman in question is one of the richest men in Ghana, all his wealth notwithstanding, his wife is seen in the video literally wallowing in dollars in a frenetic haze as this sexual odyssey perpetuates itself and crescendos to a screaming climax after about 40 minutes. Indeed as one views this unbelievable tryst that the Roman emperor of yore, Nero would have been envious of just before he set fire to Rome, it is worth asking oneself how it was that the boy was allowed to do the man’s job.

At this juncture I will have readers know that this young man has been a feature of so many social events in Accra. This writer has personally seen him hobnob with the mogul in question at a few society events. They seemed to have a very good rapport with each other, and at least an outward appearance gave the impression that they were on more than cordial terms.

Perhaps the most important lesson to be learned from this almost surreal occurrence is that, no one should think that they are insulated from the drug menace. These people do not only deal death and destruction, but they affect us in so many other ways. It is safe to assume that this mogul’s relationship with his wife would never be same, and as such, the lives of their offspring will be the worse for it.

As a society, we need to set standards and not just entertain people whom we know to be of questionable moral character and possible criminal conduct. We should not be a society that accepts questionable characters into our midst simply because they seem to have money, because a vital element of having wealth is how that wealth was attained. As I write, there are rumors that another mogul’s wife was also recorded on yet another video tape by this same individual that will also soon be on sale at a VCD vendor near you. This other gentleman is an oil tycoon and was one of the brokers involved in the Sahara Oil deal. Interestingly, she happens to be a relative of a top politician in Ghana.

So as we can see, the drug scourge does not only affect the down trodden in our society who become cannon fodder, unwitting couriers and addicts for some of these wicked people to perpetuate their ostentatious lifestyles.

This writer avers if the so-called Hollywood wives of Accra are being sucked up in the slipstream of these alleged drug peddlers, then some of lesser financial disposition should immediately decree that their wives wear Taliban style Burkhas anytime they venture out in public, to protect the sanctity of family life, and to stop them from falling into the wake of this unacceptable scourge that is ruining our nation in all sorts of ways.

So if you ever see the VCD that has now gone platinum on the streets of Accra, take a good look and in the words of my favorite soul songstress ask yourself, “Who’s zooming who?”

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Columnist: Quaye, Rikard