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Who says there is no leader in Africa?

Paul Kagame  Neew Rwandan President, Paul Kagame

Fri, 21 Oct 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Many African leaders are elected to their country’s highest leadership position, thus, the president is not a leader at all. They are just mere office holders in that position.

No wonder that once a former senior school prefect at Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School (TKSS), keeps hammering to me that there is no true leader in Africa but persons filling higher positions without the corresponding true leadership qualities.

From the behaviour, actions, and inactions displayed by many an African leader, a discerning African or Ghanaian can rightly assert that there is no true farsighted leader in Africa. Most, if not all, of the African leaders, can best be described as round poles in square holes. No wonder they keep wobbling and getting dazed in their attempts to find lasting solutions to the socio-economic problems their countries are beset with.

Most of them are in office only to lord themselves over the citizens with the sole motive of coming to office to enrich themselves, their cronies, and families, the only job they do better.

I am not going to write anything lengthy since the facts on the ground speak for themselves. Nonetheless, I want Africans holding on to the belief that there is no true leader in Africa, to accept for once that there is at least one true leader in Africa. He is the person of His Excellency Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

He is a true leader who is certainly becoming a great leader without any match among his peers.

He is pragmatic, and honest and believes in the wonders that come along when office positions are awarded to people on merit, thus, meritocracy. It yields higher and better dividends to the nation and the employer than appointing officials to positions on the basis of “whom you know”.

He is the first among equals when it comes to taking solid decisions in the collective interests of his nation and people.

You can call him a dictator, for that I care. I am here talking about a true leader, someone with foresight and an agenda for the prosperity of his people and country. He knows how best to deliver his selfless policies tailored to guarantee his people and country's safety, security, and prosperity.

Whenever I watch videos on this man, the decisions he takes, and how he executes them, the more I admire him and wish the president of Ghana could do same.

In Ghana, it is obvious that illegal surface and alluvial mining as well as other small-scale mining, are wreaking unprecedented havoc on the water bodies, fertile/arable lands, and forests, yet, the president has not conclusively been able to solve the problem. Could the problem happen in Rwanda under the very watch of President Paul Kagame? No, no, and no! Why?

As a true leader with the requisite leadership qualities, such extensive damage will not be allowed to happen in the first place in Rwanda. He would nip it in the bud long before it started to cause any problems. Such is a leader.

If democracy is causing uncontrollable problems in our African countries, why cannot we find our own system of governance that works better for us? A true leader can come out with better laws, decisions, policies, and programmes that will be implemented and stringently enforced to yield the intended results for the betterment of their country and people.

In Ghana, when farsighted President Nana Akufo-Addo implements policies, the aspiring former President John Dramani Mahama and his NDC cabal will be pulling such policies and programmes down through their political propaganda machine.

For lack of true leadership qualities, John Mahama and his agents and assigns are able to scupper such policies through their unceasing propaganda. Can such nonsense happen in Paul Kagame’s Rwanda? No! Why? Because he is a true leader with solutions to robustly deal with such situations.

For his strictness and respect for the law, coupled with the pragmatic steps he takes all the time, the obvious roguish attitudes on display by political opponents as are prevalent in Ghana are non-existent in Rwanda.

I don’t mean to insult the intelligence of our African leaders but just repeating what I have been persuaded to believe that there is no true leader in Africa.

That Senior School Prefect at TKSS in those days, mentions to me how the King of Dubai has built his country from nothing, but to the envious admiration of the whole world. Such a person, to him, is a leader.

Most African countries have all the natural resources needed to develop their countries but for the fact there are no true leaders, only persons elected to power with half-baked policies without means to effectively enforce the obedience of the laws, nothing works better in Africa.

It is all corruption galore to the detriment of the people and the nations.

Watch the below video to see if Paul Kagame is not a true leader.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo