Who speaks for a Ghanaian nurse

Ruth Arhin Nurse.jpeg The late Ruth Arhin

Sun, 9 Feb 2020 Source: Naa Ayele Hammond

I do not know Ruth personally but I know what it feels like to close after a tiring day and go home when it's late, it could have been me or any other Nurse I pondered over these for the past two days and now I type with sadness and pain in my heart.

I woke up to the news of a murder of a young Nurse called Ruth, and they said her crime was because she rendered care and had to go home alone "probably" in the dark after leaving work.

A Nurse never decides to go home late because they want to, but it is as a result of their shift schedule.

It's very sad and rather unfortunate that young Hardworking people are murdered by the same people they swore to serve, Ghanaians have mostly descended on Nurses when they felt a Nurse hasn't treated them fairly, the media had taken time to discuss the attitude of Nurses with no time to talk about the good they do, but it should never get to the point where their lives will be taken from them in cold blood.

Who speaks for a common Nurse in situations like this? Ohh, Nightingale Nurse, this has been the most unfair and wicked treatment rendered to you by the People you serve, the people who ought to respect and appreciate your hard work and commitment as you live in the peripheries, in the outskirts of town yet you were murdered.

The sacrifice and health risk as you improvise to work on your patients should never be neglected, this barbaric act on a Nurse should never be tolerated in the least. Hmmm as a Nurse I hope that the security services would do all they possibly can to get the victims arrested and punished accordingly, Ruth Eshun deserves Justice.

I would also extend my condolences to the entire family, the entire health facility, the entire community, and also to the entire Nursing fratality.

To her family only God can comfort you, No one feels the pain more than you do, and I pray that in future the health and security of our Nurses will be a priority to the Nation at large.

How safe is the next Nurse working in the Bosomtwe District in the Ashanti region.?

Will they live in fear and panic knowing that the murderers of Ruth are still walking freely?

We won't sleep without getting Justice for Ruth.

The culprits must be apprehended.

Rest Peacefully my Nightingale Nurse.


Columnist: Naa Ayele Hammond