Who tells you Nana Addo has no choice? The money for the cathedral can be used to combat Covid-19

Nana Addo Corona President Akufo-Addo

Thu, 19 Mar 2020 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Who said God needs a Cathedral to live in? Who says God is not in love with Ghana because there is no Cathedral? And who says the Cathedral cannot wait so that the money for the Cathedral can be used to combat the Covid-19?

God has not said the weather is too cold for him to need a Cathedral which will give him the warmth he needs. Neither has he said he is feeling hot as a result of the temperature for him to need a Cathedral with full air condition. God is God and does not need a house.

The building of the Cathedral as I believe as sparked by some men of God is for the housing and hosting of their programs as the need be. But the use of the money for the Cathedral can be used to help the health ministry to fight this pandemic. I strongly believe this is the wise thing to do.

Who said the building of the Cathedral cannot wait? It is for a good purpose “should the president wake up from sleep” and says “we are channeling the money for the building of Cathedral into fighting Covid-19, and that the building of the Cathedral can wait.” I will stand upright in respect for such a decision made by my president.

The lives of Ghanaians at this moment and always must be of great priority when it comes to safeguarding them. But I am also much aware of the fact that many “so called men of God” have convinced my president into believing that he needs to erect a Cathedral for his own good. This is never true. Nana Addo, you need not be afraid of them.

The question I put to my self and will want to put to everyone including those behind the building of a Cathedral is “who will sit on the seat at that Cathedral?”

Yes, we want to be like other nations having Cathedrals. But what keeps me worried is the fact that we don’t want to be like other countries who are developed and our very ways of lives have proven that we want to be as we are.

If you’re bent on building the Cathedral, I have no problem. But I believe the Cathedral can wait. This is my view.

God is never in a hurry to live in a Cathedral!

Let’s use that money to help fight Covid-19 for it will be useless to have a Cathedral where it is presupposed God will stay but lose our people to this pandemic.

I beseech all men of God to leave the president alone to rule this nation to the best of the nation.

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke