Whose Criminals In Bawku Must Be Arrested

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 Source: Wuni, Ras Iddi

I have always believe that in every society leaders and people who are put in positions to work for and on behave of the ordinary man and woman must be accountable to the well being of the people. Their safety must be protected from all forms of criminals, and their rights aught not be taking from them. That is how a peaceful society is created.

It is also my belief that in every society, the people must know that they have the responsibility to hold their leaders and all those responsible for their well being to accountability. That responsibility expected from the people must be to demand from their leaders, from example, why they cannot protect them from criminals and miscreants who have been tormenting their lives, and being a potential threat to their peaceful existence. Therefore I think the ordinary people must also be willing to always echo their voices when things are not going well in their communities and ask the authorities to sit up and do something reasonable and meaningful. That is how a peaceful society is created!

I am writing this with a great sense of worry and concern because of the recent sporadic gun shots in Bawku by unknown persons which resulted in the death of one person and injuring three others. This sad event happened on January 14 this year. I am worried because the security agencies seemed not to be so interested in searching and apprehending those criminals as it were. Or, they have so far failed to let the people of Bawku know and understand that they are very much determined than never before, to act this time to eliminate those criminals to send a strong warning to future miscreants that the security agencies will always deal with them should they do or attempt to cause any criminal act/acts that could disturb the fragile peace in the area. I am worried! I am worried because so far it seems that the perpetrators of this particular unacceptable and evil act will continue to live among the good people of Bawku and possible repeat such dastardly act with impunity.

I am also concern because the people have remained voiceless yet expecting magic. They are voiceless yet they expect someone to hear them. They are voiceless yet they expect to be understood. How can that be possible? As our responsibility to demand accountability from those who are to ensure our safety from criminals, we must learn and be prepared to endlessly and consistently let our voices be heard and demand answers or actions from our leaders.

It is for this reason that I want to repeat my call on the Municipal Authority and the security agencies in Bawku not to sleep on the recent incident but do all that is necessary and possible, to apprehend those criminals in the Municipality who nearly spark ethnic violence by their silly and uncivilized conduct of firing gun shots in certain part(s) of the Municipality for continuously two or more days.

The arrest and prosecution of those unknown miscreants must be a matter of concern to all especially the security agencies in view of the fact that those criminals still have in their possession those deadly weapons, and therefore the safety of the people in the Municipality is still in danger. How long shall we continue to allow such criminals to continue to enjoy impunity? How long shall law abiding people continue to live in fear and panic and not knowing who could be the next victim? It is a big shame!

Ras Iddi Wuni Jnr

Columnist: Wuni, Ras Iddi