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Why Alan K should be ignored


Whoever is pushing John Alan Kyeremanteng to run for the New

Patriotic Party’s presidential primaries is not doing him or the party any good.

There’s no denying the fact that John Kwadwo Kyeremanteng is

an affable and distinguished personality of many parts both as a private person

and in politics, Indeed he’s seen as a business magnate who has what it takes

to solve the unemployment problems facing our unemployed graduates association

today, however, Politically Alan is finished, His resignation in 2007 from the NPP

for a lame reason that his supporters were maltreated before and after the delegate’s

congress does not make sense. Where in the world has this ever happened? Resign

from a political party at a one time and come back to lead that same party?

Despicable! For me that decision took him into political oblivion and even if should

bet my life on it, nothing can change that.

Alan’s absence during the 2012 campaign is another reason

why the delegates will reject him. There is a wide perception among the NPP


that Alan did not offer the necessary support expected of him during the last election,

He was rather seen jostling and bustling with the government to woo other

countries for his failed WTO post, something he came last of the 3 candidates


riddance. In fact he was only seen twice, the last was his presence at the Supreme

Court on the day the verdict was passed. I wonder what his mission there was.

This hurts his image as a true party man.We all saw how Akufo Addo even after

the Sunyani congress seamlessly campaigned for the then candidate Kufour which

ultimately handed the party the mantle of leadership, its first

in over 30 years.

The UP tradition has

over the years presented Akan’s as it flag bearer and this has been one of the

weapons that the NDC has constantly used

against the NPP.In Politics we cannot

play down where one comes from, it is important as the manifesto. The New Patriotic

Party needs to rebrand itself if it wants to capture political power. Therefore

the party should avoid an Ashanti or an Akyem Candidate. This does not favor

Alan K.

The NDC’s fixation with Alan’s Candidature makes me angrier, why is the NDC so

interested to get Alan

lead the NPP,is it the case that they want the NPP to win power? Let me say without

mincing words,The

NDC has a lot of weapon ready to disarm Alan should he get the nod to lead the party.

Alan’s mismanagement of the Presidential Special Initiative(PSI) comes to mind.

I’m not sure the delegates wash their

face upside down. They have all these at the back of their mind and nothing can

repair his image.

The 2016 is certainly not a good timing for Alan K to get

closer to the race.He belongs to a faction so his candidature would worsen the

already boiling factionalism

within the party and send the party back to the doldrums.

Dr.Marmoud Bawumia is younger and more appealing. His

Contributions during the Election PETITION HEARING WAS stupendious.He has

endeared himself to the floating voters,

both the new and old guards of the NPP and does not belong to any of the blogs.

His candidature is the party’s best bet if it wants to recapture

political power as he presents the only hope to the survival of the NPP in

Ghanaian politics.

Verbum Sapiamus.

I will be back!

Gordon Yeboah

Gordon Yeboah is a young enterprising Ghanaian professional, interested in


development and Marketing Communications.He has BA in Political Science from

the University Of Ghana,and an MSC in Marketing Communications,Franklin


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Columnist: Yeboah, Gordon