Why Asiedu Nketiah Must Go part 2

Asiedu Nketiah On CPI Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, NDC General Secretary

Thu, 30 Aug 2018 Source: SaCut Akaabitono Amenga-Etego

The Young Democratic forces of the great NDC party is relentless and remains adamant in our quest to convince delegates of the NDC and the NDC party followers and supporters in general that our current general secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah must be voted out of office to pave way for a possible NDC victory in election 2020.

In part one of our series of articles and statements, the YDF demonstrated in text and in fact, that Asideu Nketiah is not as popular as his supporters and surrogates would want us to believe. We debunked that assertion by explaining the monumental rejection of the general secretary in his home region of Brong-Ahafo as a result of which the NDC lost massively over there in 2016.

In this episode, we want to make an emphatic point that ASIEDU NKETIAH must go before he turns the NDC into his fiefdom. ALL OTHER FAILED NATIONAL EXECUTIVES in the cabinet of Asiedu Nketiah are gone without prompting. Why not Asiedu Nketiah?

Kofi Potorphy, the failed national chairman has wisely refused to seek reelection. Likewise Kofi Adams and Sidii Abubakar, national organiser and national youth organiser respectively, have both advised themselves from seeking reelection cognisant of their own epic failures.

Why is Asiedu Nketiah the general secretary and campaign chairman of the NDC 2016 campaign seeking to remain in office after 13 long years of serving in that position and at the age of 61 and haven presided over a monumental electoral defeat of a ruling party? We don't believe that his inordinate ambition is in the public and party interests.

The YDF can conclude that Asiedu Nketiah is gradually trying to turn the NDC into his own fiefdom where he can hide behind the party to build several businesses including his block factories to enrich himself whiles the NDC party and the generality of NDC party followers are poor.

The YDF is aware of the animal farm style changes to the NDC constitution solely by Asiedu Nketia to enable him as general secretary to single-handedly appoint a treasurer for the party in a grand scheme for him Asiedu Nketiah and his personally appointed national treasurer to loot the party's coffers.

Whiles telling founder J. J Rawlings that he does not own the NDC, Asiedu Nketiah is gradually changing the NDC party's constitution to make him more or less own the party.

We wish to remind Asiedu Nketiah that, If J.J Rawlings is not the owner of the NDC, he Asiedu Nketiah definitely cannot pretend to own the party with his cunning ways. Just like failed national chairman, national organiser and the national youth organiser, the failed NDC general secretary must also go to pave way for fresh energy, ideas, dynamism and integrity to be brought to bare on the fortunes of the NDC in the 2020 elections.

We believe comrade Koku Anyidoho can represent the new fearless face of the NDC as he is poised to make use of renewed energy and confidence of the followers that will prevail in the wake of his victory as the new general secretary of the NDC for election 2020.

It's a revolution. Some will catch the tide much later but this movement is unstoppable until we have a new NDC general secretary.





''Rebel'' Deniz SaCut Amenga-Etego

Leader, YDF

Columnist: SaCut Akaabitono Amenga-Etego
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