Yaw Preko writes

IMF New Ghana couldn't increase producer price for cocoa outside what the IMF had approved

Fri, 11 Oct 2019 Source: Yaw Preko

When we were under the IMF program we couldn't take decisions that required that we spent more to make Ghanaian lives comfortable.

We bowed to their pressure and cancelled teachers and nurses trainees allowances, we couldn't engage teachers and nurses after school.

We could not increase producer price for cocoa outside what the IMF had approved. In effect, they were managing our economy.

We went to them because we couldn't manage our economy. Former President Mahama said we were going for policy credibility, it was an indictment on all of us because we told the whole world that things were out of control so our partners wouldn't believe in our home grown policies unless the IMF intervened.

Today, the same IMF says the economy we mismanaged and run to them is being managed better independently.

We are increasing producer price of cocoa, we have restored teacher and nurses trainee allowances, we have opened up public sector employment which was hitherto closed, we have implemented Free SHS etc.

The IMF won't vote but the teachers, the nurses, the farmers, the public sector employees (those who have just been employed) will all vote.

Columnist: Yaw Preko