Why Ghanaian politicians must give the truth a chance in politics

Ghanaians Deserve To Live Better Because The Country Is Not Poor Ghanaians deserve better because Ghana is not poor

Wed, 17 Feb 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Politics in Ghana, like other African countries, is not only plagued by corruption, tribalism, nepotism, deceptions, and crimes but also infinite lies that are destroying the entire nation. When lies become the norm, the truth becomes an enemy.

Even though Ghana is a democratic country, the former Gold Coast, is gradually in a process of transformation to a ‘Dangerous Coast,’ as people continue to live in fear and anxiety, the fact that the common man’s views or opinions on bad governance can be a threat to him and the entire family.

Ghanaian politicians keep denying and neglecting the welfare of the poor masses, while the bad judiciary put petty thieves behind bars, while they commit serious crimes against humanity with impunity themselves.

Once a judge takes money and denies someone justice, he or she has committed a crime because the law wasn’t made to favor the rich.

We need to ask ourselves certain questions, why a country like Ghana, rich in mineral resources, that preaches about democracy, the fight against corruption, will end up in this way, with the thousands of people, including graduates, unemployed?

How can the Ghanaian government or the Health Minister, deny that he is not aware travelers are paying $150 for the coronavirus test at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra?

Imagine the properties The Director of Communications at Presidency, Eugene Arhin has acquired within four years. How much does he earn? Where did he get the money? Can Akufo Addo deny that he has no idea of Eugene Arhin’s property? This is embarrassing to the NPP government.

I have got nothing to say about John Mahama because he has already been declared corrupt but the truth many Ghanaians ignore because they hate the former president is that Akufo Addo actually holds the corruption keys to Ghana coffers.

Why is Ghana politics today full of lies? A lie is manifested in three ways, by thought, by word, and by life itself. The lie has defeated the truth, thus; it's now seen as a normal thing without shame. This is why I often say that: “The truth is not a commodity sold in the shop, yet only a few people can afford it.”

Why because the truth hurts, it can let you lose all your friends, job, put you in an awkward situation, and generate tons of hate for a person. This is what many want to avoid, therefore, continue to lie like children till they die.

“I swear that the evidence that I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, God.” We often hear this at the court but yet the Ghanaian politicians and judges swearing know they are liars. At the end of it all, the innocent person becomes guilty, and the liar triumphs.

The main illnesses of our time, rapidly destroying Ghana, are lies, nepotism, tribalism, violence, crime, murder, hypocrisy, greed, and corruption. In fact, those who know about crimes and wouldn’t like to speak about them are even more dangerous than the perpetrators.

From every angle, psychologically, lying is a bad habit, a consequence of a bad character and upbringing but the system of things at the moment doesn’t favor someone who speaks the truth.

The one who speaks the truth doesn’t receive any award but only insults, the award goes to the politician who is continuously deceiving the people.

Ghana is now a country that the poor people's kindness and respect are taken as stupidity. If you are kind, honest, and sentimental, then you are simply a fool and a small fish ready to be eaten by the big fish.

Until Ghanaians see themselves as one people, we will reap the bitter fruits of a similar approach to life, the ailments of society, the inability to hear and understand others, disunity, and bitterness. It is no coincidence that the second name of the devil is the Liar.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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