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Why Ghanaians should vote massively for the NPP

For sometime now, i have been very amused by all kinds of machinations by the NDC to win the 2012 general elections as they have tried to put their propaganda machinery in overdrive to destroy the the personality of Nana Addo ,the npp flagbearer, whilst they try desperately to prop up the image of their candidate, President Mills who has been terribly exposed by the Woyome thievery as the chief thief of the country, to borrow Kennedy Agyapong words used at the recent NPP rally at Mantse Agbona in Accra. The NDC eroneously calculate that they will win the December 2012 elections mainly because of four factors.

Firstly, that they have attained single digit inflation for the country,boosted external reseves and recorded an unprecedented annual growth rate of 14%for the country.

Secondly,that they can woo ghanaians by so called bits and pieces development like petty roads construction from oil windfall and the chinese 3 billion dollar loan.

Thirdly, that the perceived religiousity of Pres Mills gives them some advantage in a largely religious ghanaian society.

Finally, that the overly trumping up of their modest social interventions like issuance of free school uniforms and textbooks , removing schools under trees and lesdep which are on a relatively minor scale and on a local basis can match the npp major national interventions like the NHIS, School feeding program, National Youth Employment program, Education Sector Capitation grants and so on.

And indeed ,until the last quarter of 2011 when the Woyome scandal reared its ugly head, they will have added the fact that Pres Mills is corruption free but as we all know, "Woyome" has crushed that notion . So we are now left with four major anchors for the NDC to sparr the NPP on.

Former President kuffuor remarked at the Mantse Agbona rally that ghanaians are clever and can decipher what is fake from what is original ...so let us see whether we can do some cross examination of the issues. We all kow that the economy did that well in 2011 not because of any special measures the NDC introduced in 2011, but simply as a result of the oil factor. In fact, if you take the oil factor of 8% from the composite figure, you will be left with a paltry growth rate of around 6%. and this is not surprising since the growth rates of 2009 and 2010, when they were in office and when the oil had not come in, all recorded less than 6% growth rate. Now contrast this with the NPP's achievement in 2008, the last of the NPP's years in office, when a growth rate of 8.4% was recorded and determine whose record is better. Similarly the boosted external reserves and improved inflation which the NDC are quick to highlight are all solid beneficiaries of the oil effect.

Now, because of the benefit of oil resources at the government's disposal and the fact that that govt can now borrow on the back of our new found oil (for example, the securing of the 3 billion dollar chinese loan was on the back of our oil wealth), the NDC govt has increased govt debt from 8 billion dollars when they took over in january 2009 to over 23 billion dollars as i write this piece. No govt since independence( including Osagyefo in all his glory when he did the Tema motorway and so on ) had that kind of money to spend. So with over 13 billion dollars in 3 years to spend, who cannot do even much better projects. Ghanaians know that the Pres Mills govt has monumentally failed us here because with this kind of money, the NPP for instance will be doing more Tetteh Quarshie Mallam road, and more impotantly make secondary schooling free to all ghanaians


This is why ghanaians are yearning for the NPP to come back to deliver on this and set them free. Infact every little good thing the NDC has achieved was supported by the oil wealth , which we all kow the NPP found for Ghana, and for which ghanaians will forever be grateful to the NPP for. Take away the oil wealth and see whether the NDC can achieve 50% of NPP's achievements in office. On the issue of religion, ghanaians now have seen that prof mills is a liar and a hypocrite, if not a thief himself, so the least said about his cloak of religiousity, the better. Ghanaians will prefer a man of principles and a leader of conviction than one who will foul the water at one end and quickly run to the the other end of the river to ask who did it.

Also, dear reader do you know that upon all the noise the NDC is making about school textbooks and uniforms and so on( which per themselves are not significant achievements anyway) the signifcant portion of funding for these initiatives has been sourced from the NPP's hipc fund?. Kuffuor's Hipc fund which the NDC vehemently rejected is now silently being enjoyed by them nyafu, nyafu. And it's like even here, the NDC should be thanking the NPP for creating the hipc fund which is funding the NDC's pet projects three years after NPP has been out of office. Pls read the 2009,2010,2011 and the 2012 budget statements.

Again, dear reader do you also know the NPP made Ghana richer by approximately 8 BILLION DOLLARS out of the hipc framework?. And do you also know that the Malllam highway (as part of 547 million dollars grant )was obtained as a gift to Ghana as a result of pres kuffuor's good governance and not as a loan. Pls stay tuned for the part 2 of this write -up.

But before i pause here, i want you to sincerely answer this question for the sake of your children and your grandchildren. Should ghanaians vote for the NDC party that has continuously heaped debt upon debt on ghanaians since they came to power in 2009 thereby portending doom and seriously compromising the future of our childeren or the NEW PATRIOTC PARTY that got 8 BILLION DOLLLARS dash for Ghana for the welfare of our posterity and also provided the OIL BREAKTHROUGH for the future prosperity of all ghanaians. Which NDC achievement can come remotely close to these NPP achievements. There is absolutely nothing from the NDC apart from cheap propaganda and crushing down ghanaians with unnecessary govt debt.

Pls, remember, the Dec 2012 election will be a choice between the party which takes us out of debt and those who push us into a debt stanglehold with it's severe implications. But it is also more importantly a choice between the party which will bequeeth a doomed future for our children and those who have demonstrated that they will leave behind lasting prosperity for Ghana's future. Before you decide on this , think about your children first.

Alhaji Adamu

Florida, U.S.A

Columnist: Adamu, Alhaji