Why Has Kwasi Pratt Stopped The Noises On "Oterkpolu"?

Tue, 17 May 2011 Source: Yawose, John

Oterkpolu is a small settlement in Manya Krobo District in Eastern Region, which has become famous for its economic potential because of the discovery of type of limestone deposits i.e pozzolanic material , a raw material for production of pozzolana cement.

During the Kufuor era, Kwasi Pratt made a lot of cacophonous noises about ‘Oterkpolu”. On Radio Gold, Asempa FM, Vibe FM and other media outlets. Kwasi sounded aggressive and arrogated to himself powers of an expert in Material Engineering, Architecture, Building Technology and Cement Technology expousing the benefits which could be derived from this local potential and which to him , could revolutionalise cheap housing acquisition in Ghana. Kwasi was all over commenting and educating on pozzolana/cement ratio mixes which could make cheap and affordable housing possible in Ghana for the ordinary man to laugh and laugh. Sounding populist, he went on to lambast the Kufuor regime for failing to exploit the deposits to help prosecute affordable housing programmes for the poor because he (Kufuor ) was only out to help his so called ‘property owning’ cohorts alone --who could afford to buy expensive houses.

The sad aspect of all his vituperative submissions was that, ‘Oterkpolu’ was never a substantive topic in any discussion but Kwasi Pratt somehow always found space , day in day out to insert his favourite “Oterkpolu’ into any discussion about issues on the Kufuor regime and went on to expose Kufuor regime’s inabilities on the issue- apparently to score political points for, perharps , his political paymasters. Enter, Prof Mills in 2009, so to me, my expectation was very high. The opportune time has now come for Kwasi Pratt , the so called ‘friends of the people’ to continue his ‘Oterkpolu” crusade , especially since Prof Mills and NDC seem disposed to his populistic socialist inclination.

Surprisingly, ever since the advent of Prof Mills and NDC, Kwasi Pratt has stopped completely all his unsolicited comments on ‘Oterkpolu’ as if ‘Oterkpolu’ has ceased to exist in this Mills era- whereby fortunately 200,000 houses are to be built under STX and whereby cement is an important ingredient in the project- and whereby the ‘Oterkpolu’ local content idea can have appropriate space in the massive housing construction envisaged. Surprisingly, Pratt's mouth is now completely glued on his pet subject at the time it matters most. The man Kwasi Pratt has now simply forgotten about Oterkpolu and pozzolana.

When confronted on the issue, his reply was that he has not commented on ‘Oterkpolu’ because it has never been a subject matter for discussion in this Mills era . He has made these remarks twice on TV Africa during morning discussions hosted by C Ohene. Kwasi Pratt clearly wants to be clever and play on the intelligence of the listening public. To me, he is a great disappointment as far as ‘Oterkpolu is concerned. The impression I have formed about him is that he did not know what he was talking about all along. He is a gigantic fake and he only had the platform to talk blah blah blah- to draw unnecessary attention to himself. I am sure Radio Gold ‘Alhaji & Alhaji ‘ listeners will be surprised how his mouth is now totally glued on the matter .

I challenge loudmouth Kwasi Pratt to come again otherwise I will conclude from these happenings that he is a gigantic ignoramus, steeped in fakeness, with non-existent intergrity, absolutely with no clue and iota of sense on the “Oterkpolu" and "pozzolana' issues and their implications. All the air time he arrogated to himself from radio station to radio station screaming off - "Oterkpolu, Oterkpolu, Oterkpolu", was damnably reckless, baseless , wicked and deceitful , borne out of hatred for NPP and Kufuor to score undeserved political points for NDC. Pratt must come again.

Is Kwasi Pratt learning any lessons at all? He has now turned himself into a Strategic Diplomatic expert. Listeners should watch out and see through the garbage he is constantly still spewing out, on the Ivory Coast issues . No wonder Ambassador Ibn Chambas told him the other day —‘Your client (Gbagbo) has lost out'!!! yawosejohn@yahoo.com

Columnist: Yawose, John