Boycott NDC's rallies to avoid their lies and propaganda

Sun, 5 Jun 2016 Source: Katakyie, Kwame Opoku Agyemang

Sometimes, I ponder over which section of the Ghanaian voter populace the NDC guys would have the courage, stand before them and persuade them to vote for their party in the November polls.

Is it going to be the students at the tertiary level who are faced with Academic Facility User Fee & Utility Bills or their counterparts at the secondary level whose parents can't afford their school fees?

Will it be the university graduate who has spent four solid years at school only to be told that he can't access public sector job because of IMF conditionality?

Could it also be the graduate teacher from the UCC or UEW who can't be employed by the GES although there is a 60,000 teacher deficit in Ghana?

Personally, I thought it could be the teacher and nurses trainees, but their meagre allowances have been scrapped. Will they then allow themselves to be used by the NDC?

Let me find out from our noble teachers who painstakingly taught all professionals. How far are the arrears, salaries and even their pensions? Those who have worked for more than two years are being paid for only 3 months; car maintenance & other allowances for the teacher are no more although the president and his ministers continue to enjoy theirs.

Let me move on to the drivers. In 2008, they were the architects of change. How drastic has fuel price been reduced as promised by the NDC in 2008? Are they able to buy spare parts or pay for fuel whose prices keep increasing unannounced?

For the pregnant women and NHIS card holders, don't tell me your one-time premium is yet to come. How valuable is your NHIS card under this present government? Will you then have time to listen to the NDC's lies on affordable healthcare?

Again, will the NDC have the courage to persuade electricity users in Ghana, especially the companies that have collapsed? Have you experienced 'dumsor' before? Have you had the chance to check your electricity bill? If yes, why do you have to entertain an NDC communicator at all?

Look, the NDC communicators have consistently taken the Clergy to the cleaners. I wonder how Christians and Moslems would entertain the NDC for another term.

To the market women and hardworking farmers, I'm sure the absence of affordable loans will do the trick. Those whose monies are locked up at Mahama's DKM will lead the crusade to kick the NDC out. Likewise the farmer whose cocoa farm is no longer being sprayed through the mass cocoa spraying exercise.

Finally, the p/NDC has ruled Ghana for nearly 27 years since 1981. This is approximately half of the years of our independence. The NPP has had only 8 years, but compare and contrast. How is your current standard of living?

Fellow Ghanaian, never entertain the NDC as we approach the polls. Let's all help to end the era of corruption, thievery, mediocrity, failed promises and killer taxes. Nana-Bawumia ticket is the best bet. Competent personnel and pragmatic programmes are in the offing.

Let's arise for change and say no to Ali Baba and his 40 thieves.

Columnist: Katakyie, Kwame Opoku Agyemang