Why I Stopped Writing From May 2014 To June 2016

Mon, 15 Aug 2016 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

When Jerry Rawlings handed over power to the then President elect Dr. Hilla Limann after the June Four Uprising in 1979, he became a TARGET of the PNP government from October 1979 – 30th Dec. 1981. The enemies of ALL THAT IS PROGRESSIVE in the Third World government notably the C.I.A of the United States, the British MI6 made life difficult for Rawlings and all June Four Members including this writer through the Ghana Military Intelligence which was turned into the Propaganda wing of the then ruling PNP government as well as a Death Squad for 21?2years with Lt. Col. Annor Odjidja the then Assistant Director of the M.I as the Chief Butcher of June Four Members. In Ghana, 70% of the youth are below 40 years, so if you are 40years today 2016, it means that you were only 3years in 1979 when the June 4 Revolution exploded and shook the very foundation of the Ghana Armed Forces 37years ago. I therefore write to educate the youth who are my targets. TIMES ARE REALLY VERY HARD If you are a member of the ruling party and the National Chairman comes out to tell Ghanaians and NDC members that times are hard because the party in power cannot raise GH¢ 30,000 within 24hours to pay the Fines of the 3 Montie Fm Convicts, It speaks volumes. As a member of the same ruling party, will it make sense for you to go to your party executives to assist you to pay the debt of your deceased relative amounting to GH¢ 2,600.00? The answer is Capital NO – you have to look elsewhere or forget it because you are not alone in the NDC. It is now the time for everyone to cry your own cry even though your party is in power. From 1982 – 1992, the PNDC government has never been ashamed in washing its dirty linen in public and drying it, so as a cadre, I am also NOT ashamed of appealing for help from MY NUMEROUS ADMIRERS HOME AND ABROAD to enable me solve my financial problems since there is no end in sight. If former President Rawlings did not take us anywhere we should all look elsewhere and stop blaming the sitting president of Ghana because we were CHEATED EVEN before the coming into force of the 1992 Constitution and 20years before he was elected President of the Republic of Ghana, so cadres must leave him alone and support him the same way as we supported the Rawlingses for 19 odd years. The Rawlingses should have used their Network in the World of Business to get cadres employed as labourers and other professionals outside Ghana when we returned to constitutional rule in 1992 but this they failed to do completely – so why blame the sitting president who did not cheat any cadre? From The PNDC Era In 1982 – 1993 I Continued Again Until The Year 2000 and further Sacrificed From 2001 for the NDC to come to power in 2008 and I should not have been THIRSTY in the ABUNDANCE OF WATER but I am so thirsty that I can even drink 3 gallons of water if I get it. It is not respectful to always be in debt and find it difficult to pay it. Natural justice demands that those who toil must share the proceeds of their labour, yet in my case I had nothing hence my appeal to my fellow comrades in the Executive, The Legislature and the Judiciary as well as all well meaning cadres Home and Abroad. This unprecedented hardship has compelled me to go public to appeal for assistance, because a dog does not bark in the night for nothing. That is the HEAVY CROSS you carry once you are a cadre in the ruling NDC government. Yours is always EXTREME POVERTY even under the PNDC chairman Rawlings from 1982 – 1993 to the constitutional President Rawlings from 1993-2001 through to President J.E.A Mills from 2008-2012and President Mahama from 2012 to date 2016 and will go beyond that to the year 2021. You will be shocked and would not believe it but I earn GH¢ 200.00 monthly as a SNNIT Pensioner since 2003 to date 2016, as a former AGA employee. My Party is in government but I have no appointment whatsoever as well as my sons, but I remain in the Party with the hope that one fine day, I will either be put somewhere or those of my children would be fixed somewhere. Since the formation of the NDC in 1992, I was appointed as a member of Ghana National Fire Service Council by President Rawlings from 1998 until 2001 when Ex-President Kufour removed all of us and put his NPP members there – that was the Highest Position that this writer ever occupied since the inception of the Fourth Republic in 1992. Many party members would meet me and ask for money and when I tell them that I have no money, they tell me that now that we the “Big Men” are enjoying, we don’t know them, but I told them the TRUTH and they would not believe me. Well, that’s the world – what else can I do? Today, 2016, indiscipline, waste of resources, lawlessness, extreme corruption and mismanagement in all sectors of our national life is the order of the day. I struggled throughout the two years to treat my dear wife but she died and I had to incur a debt of GH¢1,200.00 which have to be paid to my Debtors before I find another money to send the funeral home and that will also amount to GH¢1,600 since I will have to go and provide food and drinks to the mourners during the funeral in the Dry Upper West Region full of poverty in its various villages, and the mourners don’t have to donate any money to the bereaved family because that is our custom in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Next, I am staying in a Rented single room and have to find money and pay the Rent Advance that has expired in July 2016, so if you were to be in my shoes, can you continue to write to the media when you are carrying such a heavy load on your head and no one is ready to unload it from your head? Infact, this is very painful. Next, because of the Killer Electricity Bills, I have disconnected the light in my room, so I even have no TV set or a refridgerator in my room let alone an air conditioner – yet those who do not know all these believe that I am one of the richest man in town. Those in Ghana and Abroad should sponsor me with only GH¢ 30.00 a week so that I use GH¢ 10.00 to buy fuel for my motorbike and the GH¢20.00 to publish three powerful articles every week until the year 2021. Since some opposition politicians are moving Heaven and Earth to throw dust into the eyes of unsuspecting young Ghanaians to vote for them to come to power. You will not believe it but I have no building of my own and I have no car even though I am a qualified driver since 1972. This is a brief history about myself and the heavy load that I carry on my head today, but if you are sick and you do not inform the Doctor about your sickness, you will surely die. Those who think they are punishing or maltreating me in the ruling NDC party would live to regret it, since well meaning patriotic men and women, would take care of me and shame them all because Natural Justice demands that THOSE WHO TOIL MUST SHARE THE PROCEEDS FROM THEIR LABOUR yet on the CADRES FRONT, WE HAD NOTHING, THOSE WHO NEVER SUFFERED HAVE BEEN ENJOYING RATHER SINCE 1992 TO DATE 2016. Is that the price for risking our lives to support Rawlings to create awareness in the Ghanaian society through the 31st December Revolution? Sponsor me and see, you will not Regret it. In June 1979, it was a question of THOSE WHO HAVE against those WHO HAVE NOT – A question of the vast majority of hungry people against a tiny minority of greedy, inhuman selfish politicians and business men. Incidentally Rawlings wife is among the few selfish politicians. Now, who is a fool? You and I I have flatly refused to join the thousands of REVOLUTIONARY PAUPERS left behind to rot away by former President Rawlings who was the leader of the two Revolutions of June 4 and the 31st. December 1981 which was all betrayed by his own wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings in the year 2011 who is now PRETENDING to become Ghana’s First Female President. Jesus Christ! Who will elect her as the President of Ghana? There Has Been No Peace In My House, No Peace in My Mind and NO Peace in my Pocket too since January 2009 up to date August 2016. Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return.


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement