Why I don’t like the US government

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023 Source: Joel Savage

I have to be honest; I don't like the US government. My reasons are that, apart from malaria, they spread other man-made diseases, such as HIV, Aids, nodding disease, Burkitt's lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, tuberculosis, and Ebola across Africa, while working with the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, to convince the world that bats, primates or bush meat, are responsible for the spread of those diseases in Africa.

However, they conceal their medical crimes against humanity and call for African governments to uphold LGBTQ rights. If the US government calls for justice, equality, and peace for homosexuals and lesbians in Africa while abusing those rights and killing African-Americans regularly, is this not the worst kind of hypocrisy? Everyone is aware that the US prison system serves as the primary venue for criminal offense punishment and rehabilitation, so why do black inmates make up about 40% of the prison population?

Without addressing the problems African-Americans also experience, I am unable to talk about the concerns Ghana as a country faces, such as the deliberate spread of diseases throughout Africa and the destabilization of African economies out of greed. America frequently accuses African governments of violating the rights of LGBTQ people, but they treat African-Americans the worst. Blacks who serve prison sentences have such poor access to employment opportunities that many would rather return to prison.

The US government still extols virtue while engaging in sin and immoral behavior. It is very depressing that African-Americans still can't lead normal lives like white Americans decades after slavery was abolished. Many people experience racism and see discrimination as a tool to get better housing and healthcare. More than any other group of individuals in the United States of America, black people are more likely to experience outright violence and police brutality.

Police brutality against African-Americans has occurred on several occasions in the past, but this is far from ending. The US government is having trouble finding better ways to let African-Americans live better lives, just as it has failed miserably to control the guns that are killing people everywhere. That's why I've said before that just because the US supports the rights of LGBTQ groups in Africa doesn't imply, they love or care about them; rather, it is because of the continent's abundant resources.

The imperialists, especially the US government and the colonial overlords of the West, cannot have a better economy to support the workforce without African resources. The encouragement of homosexuality in Africa is one of their political agendas since they are constantly looking for a method to stop population growth.

African leaders are undoubtedly foolish if they cannot improve living circumstances for the populace despite enslavement, violent colonial rule, Apartheid, and the deliberate propagation of diseases.

Only a few instances of police brutality against African-Americans have been documented on video in the past. The violent beating of the late Rodney King was caught on camera, and the entire world watched in horror. Following the capture of George Floyd's manhandling, there were numerous protests across America. There is a brand-new video today showing cops abusing Tyre Nichols, another African-American. Why does the US government interfere in foreign issues but can’t solve its problems?

African leaders must improve living conditions for the populace and stop traveling to developed nations to beg for food and money because we have the resources and don't need to be beggars. If Africans are treated humanely, the US government will stop treating African-Americans as second-class citizens.

Columnist: Joel Savage