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Why Is NPP Not Calling For Autopsy on Aliu Mahama?

Thu, 22 Nov 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

Ask Margaret Jackson

November 19, 2012

When President Evans Fiifi Atta Mills died on Tuesday July 24, 2012, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) folks got the biggest shock of their lives. They suddenly realized that the man that they had made their punching bag for three and a half years was no more, therefore, putting a serious jolt to their 2012 electioneering campaign.

The NPP folks then put up their diabolical plans together by first pretending that they love the late President Mills. They started saying nice things about President Mills with Ursula Owusu and Kojo Owusu Afriyie leading the pack.

But even before President Mills was laid to rest the true colours of the NPP folks begun to show. When the NPP folks realized that the outpouring of grief from Ghanaians and the outside world following the death of President Mills was going to be to the advantage of the NDC they decided to curtail it.

What the NPP folks did next is beyond belief. Out of the blue, the NPP folks started to demand the autopsy report of the late President Mills. They did not stop at that but also impinged that President Mills may have been poisoned whilst other NPP bigwigs started to give their own interpretations to the possible cause of President Mills’ death.

But when former Vice President Aliu Mahama who happens to be an NPP member died last week, the NPP folks have suddenly kept mute. Nobody is asking for the cause of Aliu’s death or calling for an autopsy report.

Does it mean that the NPP folks do not care so much about Aliu or they know something about his death which they do not want everybody else to know? Why would ex-President Kufuor who is not a medical doctor or a close family member of Aliu Mahama suddenly rush to the cameras to state that Aliu died of stroke? Did Kufuor do that to gag everybody else from asking about the true cause of death?

Since the NPP made so much noise on the so-called possible cause of death of President Mills, we expected them to do same for Aliu to portray their genuine character trait. But their silence is demonstrating the fact that they simply played politics with their demand of the autopsy report of President Mills.

It is important to let Ghanaians know the true faces of the NPP folks who always play politics with anything just to put them in a good political limelight. If the autopsy report of President Mills was too important for the NPP that of Vice President Aliu Mahama should have been on top of their agenda.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret