Akufo-Addo is the best leader for Ghana, now.

Wed, 5 Dec 2012 Source: Amponsah, Jerry

As our nation comes to the crossroads of electing a President, we need a true leader, a unifier. One possesses the vision and the messianic zeal necessary to lift our moribund country from the ditch – and move it forward.

Ghana needs a courageous commander-in-chief who is both cautious as well as pragmatic. Politically, one who truly believes in the righteousness of his noble cause. It is the cause that is more important not the individual. Individuals are vessels for enlightenment and for God’s will. All this sounds similar to anyone who is engaged, closely, watching brilliant Akufo-Addo.

Nana Akufo-Addo, the NPP presidential candidate, is a natural-born politician, warm, physical, commanding, empathetic, soulful, and tirelessly exuberant – who is willing to accept the burden of the office for the good of all.

Old wine is always the best!

Comparatively, Nana Akufo-Addo – with his economic guru, Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia – brings the much needed and rightful experience and competence to lead the country. He has skillfully demonstrated that he is the best pair of hands to manage the affairs of the country. Sophisticated Ghanaians are now looking for a leader, who can actually deliver.

From day one, the heart of Nana Addo’s campaign is to pursue the peoples’ business no matter what obstacle his opponents put in his way. He is an enabler and committed to the future of Ghana. Full of fluid and energy, he has run an effective campaign with a combination of intuitive genius, intensity, and eccentricity. He thinks more like a president than a candidate. And more about implementing his resounding agenda: free education and adding value to our raw materials to enhance the country’s economic growth etc.

The political super heavyweight has found the ideal way to open up a very good campaign for the hearts and minds of the good people of Ghana – who already feel squeezed by the Mahama-led NDC government. Nana Akufo-Addo’s political words are deeper than Mahama’s average comedians-dominated talks. John Mahama must understand something here, this is about a cause, but not a career.

He is an intellectually eloquent bilingual statesman, who can use words like love and compassion without sounding like a wimp, and will not kowtow to unfavorable international businesses and pressures. As a caring leader, he has largely proven to be much knowledgeable to know the pressures, hardships, and an unbearable pain the people are facing, and possesses the definite ideas, the can-do spirit on what could be done in order to ease them. He is a serious man to deal with the serious stuffs.

Buy one, get one free: Nana Akufo-Addo is doubled with the economic erudite, Dr. Bawumia, whose brilliance has erased the NDC vice presidential candidate, Amissah-Arthur.

Nana Addo is an ambitious, an idealistic, and a distinguished statesman, co-parent of our modern democracy, who has enhanced freedom and human dignity – all his adult life. He has acted out of profound patriotism and concern for others.

Specificity is a character issue over Friday, December 7th elections. And the NPP presidential candidate has largely distinguished himself.

His timely and innovative, and classic vision, “free SHS,” has sent great shivers down the spines of the nation wreckers – and deflating their bad agenda. His opponent has proven that he has no different ideas. This vision will give opportunity to every child regardless of your background, geographical location, or tribe to have a good taste of free and quality education – just like our current President, John Mahama enjoyed though from a filthy rich background.

He has also been bold to put on record that, “he is not corrupt; has never been corrupt; will never be corrupt!” And will not entertain corrupt officials in his government. Word caretaker President John Mahama finds it hard to use in his campaign lines as his NDC government is extremely embroiled in corruption case in court. President John Mahama is in the know of even injecting himself in every corrupt act under the NDC administration.

The NPP frontrunner’s campaigner is highly enriched with substance. He has long carved another vision dubbed “BIG” (Believe in Ghana), clearly stating that his government’s desire to open up opportunities to Ghanaians – but not Chinese – who work hard and play by the rules.

So far, so good. The titular leader has been the most dominant figure in the race, and his solid message of “free SHS” has equally been the most dominant issue in the race (telling the people that he is willing to do what is necessary to achieve their interests). The issue-based elections is on Nana Akufo-Addo’s side.

The chronicle of the moral philosopher is highly unmatched and his innumerable achievements have prepared him for the highest seat in the country – Ghana!

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato)

Communications Directorate

NPP-New York

Columnist: Amponsah, Jerry