Why Kudalor Must Be Appointed Next IGP.

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 Source: Goka, Frank

“Kudalor pointed at IGP seat from the scratch”

Growing up with my late grandfather in the village, I developed high affinity to our proverbial sayings as inculcated by grandpa. Out of the lots in my basket, one keeps popping constantly nowadays like Frankie’s Popcorn from Osu which loosely translates that “a child that has a potential of buying a car in adulthood, is seen pointing at cars in childhood”. Similarly, a fruitful plant is easily noticed from early stage of growth.

These maxims are synonymous to the hard works of the man Commissioner of Police (COP) John Kudalor (Director of Operations, Ghana Police Service) who most people await to be named the next Inspector General of Police (IGP) as the current indefatigable IGP--Mohammed Alhassan nears his compulsory retirement by the end of this month. May I cease this medium to shower my felicitation to Alhassan for his exemplary leadership prowess during his tenure, “Baba, mungode!!” as my Hausa folks will translate “Thank you Daddy!”.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who might question the tenacity and merits of Kudalor for the topmost position in the Police Force. But I just realized we all have noses but with different shapes, therefore to those who might bedaub in doubt, I intend to propagate some of the juxtaposed credentials and attributes of the next-in-command. Apart from his academic pedigrees that warrant his current status in the Police Service, Comm. Kudalor implemented what I termed “Decentralized Policing”, which enabled the man from the HQ to be omnipresent at the Regions and the District at a point in time to either motivate the “Boys” or led an action to restore tranquility at an area of skirmishes. Indeed his frequent touch to the grassroots rejuvenates the Men and Women in uniform and imbibes confidence to the Locals at large. Day in day out, we hear “Kudalor here, Kudalor there and Kudalor everywhere!”, as he leads various operations to thwart threats of security breach.

Reminiscing the penultimate 2008 Presidential Elections, he was the architect behind the security arrangements that resulted in a peaceful election that saw smooth transition of Power from then NPP to the current NDC government. The same dosage was administered to the 2012 Presidential Election which yielded a very peaceful outcome that won international applauds. Ghana is peaceful today not because she is a Nation void of incidents, but rather because of how our security capos execute their tactics to bring even the most susceptible and volatile situation under control. Mention towns like “Bawku” and “Alavanyo” and the name “Kudalor” will be echoed back to you, because he stood tall in the midst of their unfortunate affairs to calm nerves. In a little while back, the freedom of Ghanaians was curtailed when the rate of arm robbery and notoriety in the country was up-scaling, but the man and his men from the “Operational” end of the Force, are winning that war.

“Seeing”, they said is tantamount to “Believing”, and there is nothing as authentic as the Tilapia telling you the number of fingerlings the “Keta School Boys” (Small-sized Anchovies) spewed in the Lagoon. In June this year, I encountered the dynamism, heroism and simply the magical presence of Mr. Kudalor at Ashaiman when pockets of angry youth were protesting against the deplorable nature of their roads. The scenes were gorily intimidating but standing at a “safe” location, I heard a Police Officer telling a TV reporter that “the situation is overwhelming and we have called for reinforcement from Accra”, an assertion that elicited giggles from me as I ridiculed the so-called SOS call because I questioned the road the Back-Up Team will employ into the town. In about 15 minutes thence, I saw arrival of Police Emergency Response cars blinking and tooting sirens in the town led by….COP. Kudalor! With their professional collaboration with the Mitchell Camp Soldiers, they were able to restore security in Ashaiman in no time. On same platform, did you notice the security arrangements on the day 2012 Election Petition result were announced? That was proactive policing at its best engineered by the man I am eulogizing for the good of Ghana. An exuberant prodigy! On a lighter note and as a teaser, I think the circadian clock that rotates the inter-tribal occupancy of the IGP seat to bring tribal/ethnic equality and unity in the service is highly in favour of Kudalor coincidentally. Let’s do the analogy: I grew up knowing the following IGPs with their backgrounds;

• Christopher Komla Dewornu (Ewe): (12 June 1986 – 31 December 1989) • J. Y. A Kwofie (Akan) (1 January 1990 – 30 September 1996) • Peter Tenganabang Nanfuri (Jirapa, North): (1 October 1996 – 21 January 2001) • Ernest Owusu-Poku (Akan) (22 January 2001 – 21 July 2001) • Nana Owusu-Nsiah (Akan) (22 July 2001 – March 23 2005) • Patrick Kwateng Acheampong (Akan) (25 March 2005 - 28 January 2009) • Elizabeth Mills-Robertson (Akan) (28 January 2009- 16 May 2009) • Paul Tawiah Quaye (Ga) (16 May 2009 – 5 February, 2013) • Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan (North) (5 February 2013 to date)

From every angle of view, it appears the IGP’s throne is rapidly beckoning at Mr. Kudalor and a contrary declaration might raised an eye-brawl especially from the “Far East” against a current rumour at the grassroots that Mr. Alhassan might be extended on a contract after his compulsory retirement date.

To rest my fingers, let me remind you that, Ghana just lost an industrious son through terrorist activity in Kenya. An act I consider a wake-up call for Africa in general and Ghana in particular. A wakeup call that invokes vigilance in every citizen of the Land and the Security Forces in particular. The wake-up call of a Commander-in-Chief with an IGP of agility and proven records to make Ghana safe; for economic growth and development.

Mr. President, Commissioner John Kudalor is reporting for Duty, Sir!!

As observed by:

Frank E. Goka, efia190@yahoo.com

Columnist: Goka, Frank