Why Politicising This, Haruna?

Tue, 24 Oct 2006 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

We are building up a culture in Ghana that very soon,we are going to see Politics even in the food we eat in our homes. When Dr Nkrumah introduced free education in the early 60's,his intention was that,the average Ghanaian could read and write so that he may understand why we should not allow ourselves to be dominated by anybody again. We have always cried because of the imperialist colonial past on our beloved Ghana.

Very soon we shall be 50 years and the question is,has education taught us anything new? We have a Ghana,vastly turning itself into a Class society. You need to be educated at the prime secondary schools in order for your voice to be heard in society. In public gatherings,you should have been to a specific secondary school,training college,university,in order to occupy certain seats. Why did we all go on the streets on June 4 th.? We thought,at last,we had somebody,who embodied the ideals of the father of our nation,Dr Nkrumah. How wrong.

The 20 years of the regime has widened the gap between the tribes in Ghana. That is how,they started it,tribe A is after you so come,let the military give you protection and they used the army against ourselves. They had a long term goal,to rule the country for ever and when the international community would not allow that,they changed the whole plan. Now it is dirty politics. Politics itself is dirty,and for it to be called"dirty politics" shows you the degree,things have turned.

Why do we see politics in everything we do in Ghana? Even if a man goes to bed and could not satisfy his partner sexually,it is caused by a political party. If for any reason,the rainful has not been plentiful,it was caused by a political party.He went to Church and because of the previous activities in the church,he became exhausted and lost his voice and could not sing,it was caused by a political party and so on and so forth.

Then you ask yourself,has education taught our country anything new? Look at this NDC member of parliament,you have a problem with Legon(University of Ghana,does that become a national issue? Would MP Haruna be the only person the university has ever annulled his qualification because of pugralism?

People are saying all sorts of things but this is an academic issue that should have best been left at the administration of the university. We have to start building structures that would educate the Ghanaian on issues that ,politicians should not get away with if they bring them to the public domain.

Our political leaders should shine as a light to our society because we in Ghana, we lack superstars,so we see these rogue politicians as our only role models and because,by the might of the same politicians,the level of education has been falling,the illiterates,take seriously ,what these politicians say and do. Let us grow weary of harrowed worshiping and be bold to tell the Ghanaian politician,you are wrong. The politician needs your vote more than you need him.

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Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi