Why Should President Mills Invite Judas Nana Akuffo Addo

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Violent Tribal Bigot To The Castle?

This vision of a modern, free and prosperous Ghana which each citizen, no matter his or her orientation, debt of his/her pocket, etc. Will be equal, and be seen to be equal before the law, MUST be the ideology that must rather galvanize every Ghanaians to actively participate in shaping the DESTINY of this nation and NOT ARCHAIC BELIEFS and PRIMITIVE practices and utterances by THOSE LIKE AKUFFO ADDO who should know BETTER.

It is a fact that WRITTEN WORDS always STAY, but spoken words often fly away, BUT in this modern world of recording with gadgets, spoken words are caught and stored forever to be used in haunting the speaker and that is the main reason why ALL POLITICIANS should mind their words all the time when they hold the micro-phone and open their mouths to speak in public. All those NPP apologists who have been jumping from one radio station to another defending Nana Akuffo Addo‘s “All die be die” slogan HAVE NOT LISTENED VERY WELL to that speech and EXAMINED its CONTEXT o r they listened to the speech BUT did NOT UNDERSTAND it or they simply want to defend the indefensible or they are just being disrespectful and arrogant just like their hot headed Professional Anarchist calling himself a President candidate. Will Hon. Alan Kyeremateng had uttered such divisive ethnocentric words openly to the public if he was the NPP flag bearer of the NPP? Nana Akomea, we told you so, why should President Mills invite Judas Nana Akuffo Addo to the Castle? Do you want Nana Akuffo to go and BOMB he President to death at the Castle since he is now a crazy dog let lose by the NPP tribal bigots on Ghanaians with his infamous “All die be die” slogan? I believe that there are NO SENSIBLE ELDERS or reasonable people in the NPP, otherwise they would have stopped breaking the ear drums of peace loving Ghanaians with their Continuous defense of Judas Nana Akuffo Addo who has lost the 2012 general elections in advance because of his “Akan Jihad” urging Akans to die in 2012 for him to be elected the President of Ghana. Since when did Ex-President Kufour invite former President Rawlings or the then candidate Mills to be Castle from 2001-2008? You see, people in the exercise of their Rights to free speech and association etc. may wish to make claims of being SUPERIOR TRIBES and HUMAN BEINGS to the rest of us Ghanaians by resorting to MEDIEVAL or ANCIENT HISTORY or MYTHS they has done, But he have scared away Ghanaians and they will make his “All die be die “REDUNDANT in the 2012 general elections in December, so it not President Mills who must invite Judas Nana Akuffo Addo to the Castle and hold ANY TALKS with him in order to make Nana’s war cry “All die be die” to become redundant. Let him continue to incite NPP supporters, the floating voters as well as all Ghanaians to embrace his call to war and violence with their “All die be die” and we all see what happens in 2012 –Nana Akomea, if President Mills even becomes a cripple, we shall put him in a wheel chair and use the Ghana Air Force Plane to campaign for his re-election in December 2012- I am a No nonsense objective cadre who Hate Deceit and ties-you mark my words. It is NOT the deeds of President Mills which will make the NPP’s “All die be die” redundant at all, so the NPP must carry on to incite people against the NDC.

Judas Nana Akuffo Addo and his NPP ought to also be wary that such nostalgia for medieval SUPERIOITY will NOT, CAN NOT , and MUST NOT be allowed to stand in the way of the CONSTRUCTION of a VIABLE , MODERN , SECULAR, UNITED HOMOGENOOS and MONOLIOTHIC state as espoused by the nation’s founder Osagyfo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah who the NPP love to hate.

Allegations Of The NPP

1. Let me remind Judas Nana Akuffo Addo and Nana Akomea to cast their minds back to the 1992 general elections, the ward chairman of the NDC was abducted and locked up in his own store and petrol was poured on the store by NPP members and the man was burnt to death.

2. In 1996, one NDC macho man was chased by irate NPP supporters and killed in

broad daylight and the POLITICAL CANNIBALS in the NPP were planning to cut his body to pieces and share his meat among themselves to go and cook in their various homes when the late Nana Otumfuo Opoku Ware II had a wind of the killing, he ordered that the mortal remains of the NDC man must be taken to the Komfo Anokye mortuary. So because the late Asante King never allowed then to share the meat of that NDC man-All NPP members in Ashanti told Ghanaians that the late Asante King was an NDC member. And if their allegations were TRUE then it means ALL NDC members including me are good.

3. During the 2008 general elections in August , NPP supporters killed an 80 year old chief in Gushiegu in the Northern Region, BUT it took the NDC more than seven days to protest against that violence. Hon. General Mosquito , you must not be slow in 2012 by delaying to re-act on such issues. Therefore what is Judas Nana Akuffo Addo and Nana Akomea talking about? The NPP must also come out with their dead supporters killed by the NDC members for all Ghanaians to see. Was it not the same Judas Akuffo Addo who said that the NPP has shown a little of their BRAVERY at the bye-elections at Atiwa and that it was the tip of the ice berg? President Mills, therefore ignore Nana Akomea call to their “All die be die war” in 2012 and we see who is who in Ghana.

“Jaanbie Iwaii”






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement