Why The Fence Sitters Always Enjoy When Ever Ndc Is In Power

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ghana’s problem is neither POLITICAL nor TRIBALISTIC it is rather ECONOMIC because if Ghanaians can pay their children’s school fees, take three square meals a day, live in decent accommodations, pay their water and light bills as well as medical bills – Nobody will want to even know what the President of Ghana is doing or where he is going.

As a result of the unjust Western Economic Order, a situation is created where we have over 100 million people ON THE MOVE in search of BETTER LIFE and another 15 million from the Third World countries including Ghana settling in Europe permanently and most of them have forgotten their roots while others have naturalized. Back home in Ghana, some institutions are on strike to demand better salaries from the Mills government since their TAKE HOME PAY can never take them home, and even though they may have genuine demands some UNSEEN HANDS from some political parties have infiltrated the ranks of such workers making the situation look as if President Mills does NOT CARE about the plight of the striking workers, but it is too glaring.

Economic hopelessness, social injustice and political oppression have been responsible for CONFLICTS in many countries in the World and Ghana was among them in the 70’s and early 80’s. Instead of giving the ruling government SHORT ULTIMATUMS which cannot be met, the University teachers and Polytechnic teachers must sit at the negotiation table with the sector minister and thrash the issue once and for all.


It will be totally wrong for any person or group of persons to blame President Mills of NOT REWARDING labour by IGNORING those who actually worked for the NDC to come to power and RATHER giving jobs to fence sitters. The President can not be available in every District, that is why he appointed DCE’s and MCE’s to represent him and it is their duties to RECOMMEND those who actually worked hard at the local level politically to ensure victory for the party TO THE PRESIDENT. Instead of simply doing that, what do we see now that the NDC is in government – all over the country? Some DCE’s and MCE’s have adopted DIVIDE and RULE tactics with few sycophants around them and they recruit their friends, favourites and relatives to fill vacant positions in the various District and Municipal Assemblies, so why do you blame the party’s footsoldiers who always feel cheated and write petitions upon petitions without receiving ANY RESPONSE from the Regional levels forcing them to take to the streets?

People don’t take you SERIOUS when you DEFECT from one political party to another. We remember the late Alhaji Inusah who defected from the NPP to the NDC in the year 2000. We remember Dr. Wayo Seini who defected from NPP to the NDC and became a Member of Parliament on the ticket of the NDC, but again defected to the NPP on the floor of parliament. Surprisingly, he stood as an independent candidate during the parliamentary bye-elections and lost – the NPP did NOT even field him to contest on its ticket. Presently Dr. Wayo Seimi is missing in action, UN-HEARD OF. Hon. Christine Churcher a former District Secretary for Cape Coast resigned from NDC and joined the NPP and have become a millionaire after accusing Rawlings of NOT REWARDING LABOUR, several others followed suit. If FENCE SITTERS are always enjoying while those who actually suffered for the party to come to power are IGNORED, those who are always IGNORED must ADVISE themselves by TREADING CAUTUOUSLY in doing party work because the system started from the PNDC era 1982-1992 through the NDC 1 civilian government of Jerry John Rawlings from 1992-2000 and NOT the President Mills administration. If you are sick and you don’t go to hospital to see your doctor and narrate your sickness to him, he will never know that you are even sick. The idea of recruiting fence sitters to work in lucrative positions will remain with the NDC for a very long time to come because President Mills can never use his short 8 year term of office to stop it, since it has been entrenched by the former NDC government led by Jerry Rawlings and it is the NDC that will continue to suffer in future elections if the situation is NOT REVERSED by the party leadership. So much water has passed under the bridge and a word to the wise is enough. Can you sideline many party supporters and go for their votes in 2012 again? Well, we live to see. Until the top hierarchy of the NDC learns from their past mistakes, the party will continue to suffer. Is any body listening to this? I am done.

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement