Why The NPP Minority Caucus Showed Red Card

Sun, 26 Feb 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

To Mills In Parliament – Part 1

The NPP minority Caucus in Parliament claimed that they were in Red and Black attire signifying a State of Mourning because of the gargantuan money the nation has lost to Woyome for no work done, which the President has even failed to talk about in Parliament. Fair enough, As for these tribal bigots – Hmm! If Woyome allegedly defrauded the State of gargantuan money, he has been arrested and given bail by a court of competent jurisdiction, he has not ran away, and will never run away because he is a patriotic gentleman who respect himself. The real reason for which Mills was given a Red Card is that; 1) Since his inauguration in January, 2009, he promised Ghanaians and the International Community that he will make sure that hard drugs like Cocaine, Indian hemp and heroin will cease to be a lucrative business. Fortunately for Mills, he appointed Comrade Yaw Akrasi Sarpong as the Executive Secretary of NACOB and all the entry points of Ghana have been tightly SEALED against Cocaine. Well done, NACOB officials plugged all the holes and crushed all the drug barons and stopped them from sponsoring the NPP to save Ghanaians. 2) Cocaine money has always been used to finance NPP political campaigns since 1992 to 2008, they are broke and the man who made them extremely broke is President Mills – so he deserves a RED CARD, not only a single one but two million Red Cards from members of the entire NPP minority Caucus in Parliament in order to teach him a BIG LESSON. President Mills stated that he did not expect to see such a gargantuan heckling in Parliament, but I beg to disagree with his Excellency, he deserved that kind of heckling for making it difficult for the importation of gargantuan tons of Cocaine into the country to enable the NPP fund their “All die be die” campaign, it is as simple as that – so Mr. President, just don’t mind them at all because your anti-corruption campaign is in high gear and casualties are falling like mangoes. 3) When cocaine turned into “Konkonte” in a police strong room in 2006 during Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s era, the government failed to find the culprits, because they (NPP government) were indirectly in bed with drug barons. 4) They let the MV Benjamin cocaine importer off the hook. 5) Under President Mills, the same cocaine in a police strong room turned into Soda water, the NDC government found out the culprit very fast and put her before court. 6) Again, the man who imported 77 parcels of cocaine into Ghana called the “Limping Man” has also been arrested and put before court. Why now? Therefore, in the eyes of the NPP Minority Caucus in Parliament, Mills deserves a Red Card, Indeed, not only one Red Card but Millions of Red Cards for being Unpatriotic enough to block the free flow of cocaine and several hard drugs into the country. I read government before. In government, we have three Arms, The Executive, The Judiciary and the Legislature, President Mills controls only two Arms of government notably; the Executive and the Legislature but for the Judiciary, the Opposition NPP dominate that Arm and this explains why the NPP is always bragging that the NDC is In Power but they (NPP) is in control and they seem to be Right, now what do you say? Instead of thinking about all these National Issues some NDC government appointees and Party Executives are chasing hard working Cadres around because they are in powerful positions. Who gave you the power in the first place? Frankly speaking, some people are really joking and have become jokers in the NDC, how sad.

In 2001when President Kufuor took over from Rawlings, he immediately set up a new court – The Fast Truck High Court and its main roles was to look into the conduct of former office holders in the Rawlings administration, and true to his words several innocent former NDC Ministers were hauled before the court and jailed. Ex-Prez. Kufuor once stated that the NDC will NEVER WIN any case against his government in court and it was true during his Presidency and still very true when he left office, therefore why will the NPP leaders in Opposition not BRAG THAT, the NDC is in power but NPP is in control of the country’s economy? Hon. J.H. Mensah, the Old Fox, and a very experienced Civilian Coup Plotter and a brother in – law of Ex-Prez. Kufuor boldly told students at the Legon campus that the NDC would cease to exist by the time the cases brought against its officials were completed but they failed to kill the NDC. This means that all the trials MUST LEAD to conviction because 99% of the Judges are members of the NPP. When Prez. Mills was inaugurated on 7th January, 2009, he told Ghanaians TO LET IT BE, NO VENGEANCE and we all obeyed him, and that was it. Why won’t they give Mills a red card? They will have to do it because they are ungrateful and selfish like some NDC appointees and Party Executives. Were they able to kill the NDC from 2001 – 2008, No, the Party quickly re organised and worked very hard and finally booted them out of office in Unity – Today 2012, 20 good years of the formation of the NDC, some hawks decided to hatch an EVIL PLOT to remove the Rawlingses and his Cadres from the Party and turn the NDC into the CPP by FORCE – when the Rawlingsses resisted, they relegated them to the background as well as his Cadres including this writer even though I wasn’t a delegate to the Sunyani Congress in July, 2011 and did not even go to that Congress because I watched everything on Metro T.V. Under the pretext of investigating malpractices, most patriotic Civil And Public Servants were sacked from their workplaces on the orders of Ex-Prez. Kufuor with his infamous “Proceed on Leave” term because they were perceived to be NDC supporters. When they left their offices, their positions were filled permanently by card bearing members of the then ruling NPP government. Yet, when Ex-Prez. Kufuor was questioned by some journalists about his action, this Tall Liar remarked that the officials had been sent on leave and not sacked and they are still on leave from 2001 to date 2012, but NOT sacked? Yet when Mills was sworn into office on 7th January, 2009, we wanted him to look back into all those nasty State of affairs. He said let it be and that ended the matter. So Mills deserve a Red Card from the NPP Minority Caucus in Parliament because they are Ungrateful to Mills they have no respect for Mills one bit. Thousands of NPP criminals have been left off the hook by Prez. Mills in the last 3 years and so they feel so arrogant that they always speak before they think and they even believe that they will win the 2012 general elections this year, hence their over confidence in showing a Red Card to Prez. Mills – Frankly speaking, that infamous Red Card is meant for Nana Akoffo Addo, the Mourning clothes and red bands worn by the NPP Minority Caucus in Parliament means that they are mourning the death of Akuffo Addo politically in advance because Mills will thrash him on December 7th 2012 AT ALL COST – Is That Clear? So keep your fingers crossed I shall return on this very topic. Is any body listening? I am done.

Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwaii.


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement