Why Worry about President Mahama Celebrating Christmas in Dubai?

Sun, 5 Jan 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

President Mahama, like any other citizen of Ghana has the right to spend his Christmas break anywhere out of his own volition provided he has the wherewithal to do so. Some Ghanaian compatriots have expressed shock at his decision to chill out with his immediate family in far away Dubai during the 2013 Christmas period.?Some are of the opinion that while Ghanaians were suffering from broken and empty pockets, that is, confronted with financial inability to meet the basic requirements of the Christmas festivities, the President rather had loads of money to mess around with in a foreign country. He was enjoying the record-setting crackling of Christmas knockouts and fireworks in Dubai, they say.?No, the President was not there to witness Dubai setting a 2013 record for being the best country in Christmas fireworks display. He was there for a better reason contrary to what is currently in speculation in the public domain.?A Ghanaian septuagenarian sage resident in London, a lawyer in the making, revealed to me sometime ago that President Mahama is into robust Estate property investment in Dubai. The estate property is such a lucrative market that has exerted irresistible magnetic pull on him to the extent that he had to dash into Dubai at Christmas time to socialize and dine with his business counterparts, interacting with his business peers.?I wonder why in the midst of public outcry for jobs, some Ghanaian leaders have the indecency to invest their illegally-gotten wealth in foreign countries to create jobs for others elsewhere, instead of investing the money in their own country economy. ?

?Would it not be better for President Mahama to invest his either legally or illegally acquired wealth in same estate property venture in Ghana? In attempts to hide their nefarious deals from their fellow Ghanaian citizens, they rather prefer to create companies and investments abroad to investing the money in Ghana. Their aim is to prevent curious minds from having their hawkish eyes on them every second of the minute, assigning imaginary reasons to their wealth.?We have Kojo Tsikata having his huge investments in Angola. We have Tsatsu Tsikata not only having his investments in South Africa but also, advising his friends to rather create their intended companies in South Africa or in other foreign countries. He says, when you create your companies in Ghana, people will always be pointing at you, alleging you have stolen State money to create those companies. Ghanaians may not be aware you have investment abroad hence, not accusing you of any theft whatsoever, he says. Find out from him if he has never offered such an advice to some Ghanaians, not in the capacity of a lawyer,but of genuine friendly advice to cover up their dripping backside (questionable financial tracks).

?These are leaders who think only about themselves as individuals; how best to satisfy their insatiable quest for wealth and fame. They do not have the collective interest of the nation at heart. No wonder, President Mahama was doing whatever he could to integrate in the Dubai system. Will you be surprised to see him change his religion if that could ensure the fullest success of his Dubai venture if indeed; he is into Estate Property in the country? ?The Late former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela,of ever cherished memory, would never do what Mahama and other African leaders are doing to collapse their countries. Where will the money they are greedily selfishly acquiring take them? Have they forgotten the adage, "Good name is better than riches?" President Mandela is gone but his legacy will live on all because of the good name he chalked for himself but not for his wealth which, although, he had none. ? How will Mahama and others be remembered when they kick the bucket? Please Mr President, answer this question.?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson