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Why are Ghanaians not demanding retrieval of unprecedented funds lost to the state?

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Mon, 24 Apr 2023 Source: Rev. Fr. Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah

Hello fellow Ghanaians, I am not by the above question, trying to play the 'holier than thou' character, no! I am only trying to awaken the conscience of Ghanaians, to positively change the narrative that is preventing the rapid socio - economic advancement of Ghana, our Mother Land.

If the above question is anything to go by, are we behaving as such because, everybody is minding his or her own business, hence, we don't care a dame about the unprecedented emptying of our public purse?

Or is it because, we are now like snails, that can easily be picked up without any resistance, except talking and gossiping about the unprecedented financial loss to the state? If we do not change this narrative, this tragedy, there will be no bright future for us and the next generation.

Hence, all those, who claim to be the watchdogs of the nation, the voice of the voiceless and the Shepherds of God's children, would have done great disservice to Ghana, our Mother Land.

In other to change the said narrative and tragedy, I would like to passionately appeal to all those, who see themselves as Watchdogs of our nation Ghana, the Voice of the voiceless, Civil Society Organisations and the Shepherds of God's children, to consider mobilizing Ghanaians, to pour on the streets, to put the ruling government on its toes, to do everything possible, to make sure that, it puts the necessary measures in place now, to retrieve the huge sums of money, considered missing.

If taxes are collected from the citizenry, and we all display aloofness and therefore, allow the said taxes to be badly abused; then what is the sense in continuing paying taxes in Ghana? Are we not fetching water with baskets? Let not this continue to be the fate of Ghanaians.

Ghana is bankrupt today because, we simply do not have anyone protecting the public purse.

How can a nation that is so much blessed with huge human and natural resources, all of a sudden, become bankrupt, when we all know that, the said resources are still under management

I am very sure the huge sums of money considered missing, were taken by individuals, who are still with us.

Yes, we are all weak in one way or the other, but we should always do well to avoid excessiveness, as far as our human weaknesses are concerned.

Columnist: Rev. Fr. Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah