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Why are Ghanaians suffering from coronavirus dropping dead when taken to Hospital in some Western Countries?

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Thu, 9 Apr 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

I am alarmed and worried about the rampant death of Ghanaians suspected of or tested positive for, the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), in some European countries when they check themselves into the hospital. The person himself or herself will walk into the hospital and barely a few hours or days later drops dead. They never come back home alive. Their corpse is neither allowed to be viewed nor released to their loved ones for burial.

I am not complaining about any foul play but your guess is as good as mine. As I write, about eight Ghanaians in France have the past two weeks, succumbed to Covid-19 death in a space of a week. What a catastrophe!

What is going on, fellow Ghanaians? I can only suggest to fellow Ghanaians abroad to take it seriously all the government medical advisory instructions to stay home, stay safe and alive before one falls ill of the disease only to go to hospital to come back no more.

While in the middle of writing this article, I had a phone call about Covid-19 killing a Ghanaian woman in France yesterday. The decedent was a daughter of a Kumawu woman murdered in France by her husband some years back.

Those in Ghana or Africa should count themselves fortunate. Even though the hospitals are not well equipped unlike in the advanced countries, at least those that have contracted the disease are not dropping dead like houseflies as it is happening overseas.

Lessons are being learnt and surely, we shall come out stronger as a people and a nation after the disease has died out or calmed down. We shall be farsighted enough to hold our leaders to account to stop their infatuation with corruption where they embezzle funds and State assets to render the nation and the citizens poor only to be left at the vagaries and mercy of foreign donors.

Are those dying being used as guinea pigs for testing drugs or vaccines now in clinical trials? I don't know and without the facts in hand, I will not make any unfounded allegations or unnecessary speculations.

Covid-19 is colour blind. Covid-19 is age blind. Covid-19 knows no bounds. Therefore, let us all do the right things to stay safe and alive by keeping to the government's medical advisory instructions as strictly as we can.

My condolences to the bereaved families of all those dead of novel coronavirus.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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