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Why are Ghanaians taken so cheap by foreigners in our own country?

Poor Ghanaians U A section of the Ghanaian populace

Mon, 28 May 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

Ghanaians by their natural great hospitality are seen as a soft touch by foreigners of all categories. If it were not so, how and why are some immigrant Chinese in Ghana still capable and able to flout a presidential order banning illegal surface mining (galamsey) in Ghana with impunity? Until today as we speak, some Chinese are still being apprehended by the taskforce created to stop the ongoing devastating galamsey activities in Ghana. If it were in China, a foreigner of any descent, let alone an African, would not dare defy a presidential order without being imprisoned or shot in the head in close range firing squad.

Nigerians, who think they are one inch taller than the Ghanaian, and feel they are ten times smarter than the Ghanaian have flocked to Ghana only to engage in all sorts of illegal activities from cyber fraud, mobile money fraud to armed robbery. A Ghanaian dare not do any such things in Nigeria or else, that person will become an instant mincemeat through the subjection to instant mob justice. However, in Ghana, they have the audacity to operate anyhow as though Ghana is their toilet where they can come to defecate when they feel the edge to attend to the nature’s call after overfeeding themselves in Nigeria.

Is there not a saying that goes, “taking my leniency to be my weakness”? Do we not often hear people say that when you give the Ghanaian a finger he will want to take your whole arm? Are the Lebanese and Syrians in Ghana also not taking us for fools? Do they often than not maltreat the Ghanaians they employ in their companies? Many years back, a Lebanese was said to have poured boiled (hot) water into the ears of two of his night workers found sleeping on duty. What happened to him? Nothing! That tells of the epic of the Ghanaian hospitality that has indeed become the characteristic stupidity of the Ghanaian.

The foreigners are indirectly enslaving us in our own land. When a foreigner mistreats a Ghanaian, we have some of our own Ghanaians ready to rally around the foreigner to the detriment of their own native Ghanaian. If this character of ours is not utter stupidity then I don’t know what it is.

The purported Chinese galamsey queen called Huang is still hanging around in Ghana without yet prosecuted and/or convicted or deported to her home country after ruining vast lands through her uncontrolled galamsey activities. She had had the guts to do that because some, sorry to say, stupid Ghanaian politicians and security personnel were bought over with Chinese sex. With such abysmal mentality, laden with corruption, does Ghana as a nation have any bright future?

Ghanaians are so humble. They think being so humble to be exploited by every Tom, Dick and Harry will open the floodgates of Heaven to them to proceed to enjoy everlasting happiness with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. That is absolute bollocks!

Ghanaians must be up and doing. We have to rescue the nation from the hands of these foreigners and our corrupt politicians who are with intent to not only exploit us to the hilt but also, enslave us through intimidation and oppression.

It really gets to me to hear of Chinese being arrested for still doing the galamsey with some of our security personnel accepting bribes to shield them while they carry on with their ecologically destructive illegal surface mining activities. The Chinese by nature have no respect for black people and their environment hence obstinately doing what the laws currently forbid them to do.

One day, probably it may not be my life time but which I wish it was, the Ghanaian youth will rise up in what may be a civil revolution to liberate the nation and their future from the hands of the few political and traditional rogues lording themselves corruptibly over them and permitting foreigners to enslave them in their own land because of the offer and acceptance of bribe and sex.

Let us be aware that our softness, humbleness, leniency, hospitality or whatever you choose to call it, is seen by the foreigners and our crook politicians and traditional leaders as not only weakness but also, complete stupidity.

Be aware of the fact that every great nation on this earth was built by the sweat and the blood of its citizens. Therefore, I shall have no regrets but be supportive of any such action should I be alive.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo