Why are the manipulating politicians dragging God into their chess game?

Jm Mahama White Former President John Dramani Mahama

Thu, 4 Oct 2018 Source: Kwaku Badu

There is a universally recognised principle which goes: ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

The preceding established self-evident rule reminds me of a fable narrated by a humorous discussant a few years ago.

I will thus humbly stand on the shoulders of the irresistible funny discussant and reproduce the anecdote to buttress my point:

“An old man is sitting on his porch, when suddenly someone drives up in a jeep, yelling, “Quick! Get into my jeep! “The dam just burst and this whole place is going to be flooded!"

“The old man says, "Naw, you just go on ahead. “The good Lord will take care of me!"

“The guy in the jeep zooms off. “The water starts pouring in, and the old man has to move up to the second floor of his house. Someone paddles by his window in a canoe and says, "Quick! Get into my canoe!” The water is going to keep rising!"

“The old man says, "Naw, you just go on ahead. The good Lord will take care of me!"

“The guy in the canoe paddles off. The water keeps rising, and finally the old man is sitting on the top of his chimney, with the water lapping at his ankles.” A helicopter flies overhead and lowers a rope ladder down. “Someone in the helicopter says, "Quick! Climb up! The water's still rising!"

“The old man says, "Naw, you just go on ahead. The good Lord will take care of me!"

“The helicopter flies off. The water keeps rising. The old man drowns.”

“The old man finds himself before the Lord in Heaven. The old man says, "How could you let me drown!” I trusted you!"

“The Lord says, "Hey, I tried. I sent a jeep, a canoe, and a helicopter for you!”

The moral lesson we can glean from the story is that God has given us cranium replete with subtle brain to think and do things for ourselves.

Indeed, God has given us gumption to reflect and do things for ourselves without having to rely on Him for every decision we take during our day-to-day living activities.

So, why must we keep blaming God for our own persistent errors in judgement that cause our downfall?

Ever since their 2016 historic election defeat, the NDC faithful, including the prominent members such as former President Mahama have been undergoing a process of grief.

Apparently, we have been witnessing unbridled reactive emotional responses from the likes of Ex-President Mahama. The grieving Mahama has bizarrely attributing his historic election defeat to several reasons.

Indeed, former President Mahama has been aiming accusing fingers at everyone and everything else for his humiliating 2016 election defeat except himself.

If you may recall, during the NDC’s unity health walks across the country, Ex-President Mahama relentlessly aimed accusing fingers at his opponents of promising the electorates the moon which led to his humiliating 2016 election defeat.

Mahama again asserted that it was due to the wonderful work of God which resulted in the NDC government being booted out of government to give way to the NPP government so that Ghanaians can decipher between “water and alcohol”.

Mahama then came back shortly and told the whole nation that the reason for his election defeat was that the NDC Executives diverted 2016 electioneering campaign funds.

Whilst discerning Ghanaians were solemnly mulling over his previous reasons, Mahama resurfaced umpteenth time and ventilated his arousing disgust over the alleged irregularities during the 2016 general elections which caused his humiliating defeat.

Ex-President Mahama maintained that he could have gone around the country to gather the evidence of the alleged irregularities and lodge a protest at the law court but for NDC’s absolute belief in the democratic ideals.

In fact, discerning Ghanaians are struggling to get their heads around former President Mahama’s assigned reasons for his 2016 election loss.

Given the complexities of the delineated reasons, it would appear that former President Mahama is refusing to acknowledge the fact that his calamitous errors in judgement amid rampant corruption, untold economic hardships and business crippling dumsor largely contributed to his 2016 humiliating election defeat.

How can Mahama blame God for his rejection by discerning Ghanaians, when his sibling Ibrahim Mahama took advantage of his presidency and blatantly refused to pay import taxes to the tune of over GH12 million?

Why must Mahama blame Jehovah God over his historic defeat when he egregiously gave away 58% of Ghana’s bauxite to his sibling Ibrahim Mahama to the utter disgust of discerning Ghanaians?

How could former President Mahama carelessly give apologists like Madam Akua Donkor of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) two four wheel drive cars and a luxury bungalow (estimated to cost a staggering $470,000) for no work done, and then turn around and blame God for his historic election defeat?

So Ex-President Mahama thinks Ghanaians suffer from chronic memory loss and he can keep taking everyone else for granted?

Verily, Jehovah God has no hands in former President Mahama’s humiliating 2016 election loss, but rather his terrible errors in decision-making caused his downfall.

K. Badu, UK.


Columnist: Kwaku Badu