Why do you join a political party???

Sat, 5 Dec 2015 Source: Allotey, Henry Nii Kpakpo

The craziest answer anybody will give is: BECAUSE I LOVE THAT PARTY!! There is nothing like that in our existence. There is a reason why we all make a choice. The overriding interest is that of your own interest and nothing more. This is why its completely preposterous to support a party for supporting sake with no accrued interest to you as a person. Let me give you an example

1. There are many benefits that accrue to you as a person when you get married and these are the main reasons why you are or want to get married. Some of the benefits of marriage are sex, companionship, children, communication etc. This is why when your interest are no longer being served in marriage, some seek divorce if the situation cannot be remedied.

2. Why are you in school?? Is it because you love schooling?? That's crazy! You are in school because you believe there are benefits that will come your way after school. Holding a valid certificate with qualified training entitles you to great privileges that a person without education on the average will not get. This is why you are in school.

3. Why do you worship God?? You worship God because you know there are benefits that will come your way if you serve the true God. Some of the benefits include a good conscience, blessing in life, financial breakthrough, leading a clean life and hope of everlasting life in heaven or paradise depending on your belief. Nobody worships God without any reason or expectation of some benefits. So if we expect some benefit to accrue to us in our worship of God despite it being mandatory, then it’s obvious expecting benefit from a political party you support is a valid expectation.

There are various ways people give their support to political parties. Some contribute material resources by way of cash, fixed assets, movable properties, landed properties etc in support of their parties. Others devote their time by way of writing articles, answering articles, online posts etc in defense of their party ideologies. Majority also devote their time to travel the length and breadth of their localities campaigning and selling their party’s message to the masses. In all these, time, resources and devotion is involved. Something that can never be taken for granted and must be rewarded. Unfortunately, when parties get to power, its only few, especially those with connections to power who enjoys while the masses suffer. Among the group of people I listed, it is mostly the party footsoldiers who suffer. Their value because it is immeasurable goes unacknowledged. This is sad and unacceptable.

The political elites who themselves are the huge beneficiaries of the work of party footsoldiers have indoctrinated them to believe it is okay to sacrifice for your party without expecting any rewards in return. They even go as far as label party activists who fight for the crumbs that fall from the corridors of power as opportunists or disloyal party men. While the elite feed fat on political funds, party activists who put them there are told to continue sacrificing and suffering for the party. So in effect, party foot soldiers who do all the work get poorer while party elites who virtually do nothing gets richer. Classic case of animal farm!!

So, why do you think that you must support a political party without expecting any returns or rewards?? Supporting political party is voluntary compared to worship of God which is mandatory for every human being. When you go into that booth to vote for that party, ask yourself what benefit will accrue to you if that party wins the election. Will your condition in life be markedly improved? Will some valid reward come your way? Will the society at large improve if the party you are voting for wins? The reward i am talking about must be measurable, not abstract or unquantifiable.

Finally, what has all the rallies you have been attending and shouting on facebook for your party brought to you as a form of benefit?? If nothing then you have no reason to be in that party! Expecting a reward for all your effort in your party is valid expectation. If your effort goes unnoticed in your party, quit!! Political parties are not God. Quitting and changing parties will not bring you any retribution or punishment. Only God has that privilege!

By: Henry Nii Kpakpo Allotey aka ?#?Kingslayer?

kpakpogh@yahoo.com, 0243-370764

Columnist: Allotey, Henry Nii Kpakpo