Why do you travel? Amazing ways to '#DemocratizeTravel'

Why Travel Online travel agents Jumia Travel takes you on a quick journey

Wed, 17 May 2017 Source: Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel

‘’Travel makes one modest! You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world’’ - Gustave Faubert

For many, travelling is for a particular group of people. A rare group of ‘’mad’’ or ‘’strange’’ people who either have too much to spend or just have too much time at their disposal. Take a minute to reflect on the astronomical amounts of time and money you wasted in the past year on things you didn’t really need or benefit much from. There you go! You have been overly judgemental for no reason.

According to the old adage, ‘’If you can’t beat them, then join them’’. Just in case you are an occasional traveler with lots of limitations, then you have to answer this question ; WHY DO YOU TRAVEL? What actually prevents you from travelling? Is it the unpredictability of a changed environment or is it the negative notion that travel is expensive? Africa's leading online travel agents Jumia Travel takes you on a quick journey to see how you can #DemocratizeTravel and explore with so much freedom and comfort. Travelling? YES YOU CAN!!! Come with us on this beautiful journey.

Everyday,people travel for all different reasons. Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, to see new sights or to go back home, everyone has a reason to travel! Wherever you’re going and whatever your budget, there is always something for you. Here are a few ways to take advantage this month.

Cheap and Cheerful - Travel has to be accessible to everyone, no matter the destination or budget. To travel freely means to get the lowest rates on hotels, flights, and package deals.

For as low as 48 Ghc per night, get access to over 1000 hotels, many flights to amazing destinations worldwide as well as great package deals. All this should be done at zero stress levels. From the comfort of your home or office, just with a few clicks on your laptop or touches on your smartphone you can travel the world and have such an amazing experience. Travel has never been this comfortable and liberating.

Have fun & Win - All over social media, there are amazing prizes to be won in some fun contests.Where have you always wanted to travel? Simply share travel tips and experiences about some destinations in Ghana in the comments below those posts on Jumia Travel’s facebook and twitter pages.! With Jumia, your travel dreams can come true! Get ready: we have something big coming your way! Travel to that destination freely with no headache of huge costs and other travel related issues. Be funny, inspiring and interesting as possible to draw more likes/interactions and win BIG! Traveling is always an adventure, and sometimes, things don’t always go exactly as planned. But often, those unexpected moments lead to the best memories! #DemocratizeTravel.

It’s a bargain - Democracy is freedom.Freedom to live and do what you want, how you want it and when you want. Being free to do the things you love at unimaginable convenience. Think about this. Normally you have to pay a certain fixed amount for your bookings which may be a bit on the high side. There is however a great way to get the best for less, With half price promo’s during this period, you get to pay for half the price of your dream stay on any hotel on the Jumia Travel website. You can now book that dream holiday, your perfect honeymoon or that mini vacation you have been talking about for months. All of this for just half the price. You are indeed free to travel. It doesn’t just end there with many cheap flights and package deals available, the whole travel experience just became hustle-free and very very affordable.

Now if you have never had a reason to travel, the door is wide open. Overcome your fears and be free from the shackles of high costs of hotels and flights. Take advantage of this amazing campaign and save more while you have a memorable life changing experience.


Columnist: Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel