Why government lied?

Sun, 18 Aug 2013 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

By: Stephen A. Quaye.

On June 18, 2013, Peace F.M. posted a story titled “DEMO ON MAHAMA IN LONDON WAS INSIGNIFICANT-GOVERNMENT”.

According to the story, government scoffed at the demonstration against President Mahama by some Ghanaians living in United Kingdom recently.

It was a story that was picked by Peace F.M. from Radio XYZ and posted on it website, peacemonline.com.

Accordingly, the government described the demonstrators as members from the main opposition NPP who decided to exercise their right to demonstrate in United Kingdom. It went on to say that reports it had suggested that the demonstrators picketed around where the president was meeting the UK Prime Minister David Cameron for bilateral talks on his visit.

As the deputy minister of information Murtala Mohammed said, the number of demonstrators was insignificant to be given any serious attention saying …. My attention was that we had a handful of Ghanaians …. I am told there were five or eight there”.

If people decide to demonstrate against anybody… five people or ten people I don’t think it is something worth our comment” Murtala Mohammed said. Finding the facts about what really took place when President John Mahama went to London and the demonstration that greeted him requires far more than just listening to what the Deputy Information minister and media relations told Ghanaians.

Just Google,” GHANAIANS IN LONDON DEMONSTRATE AGAINST MAHAMA” and watch the couple of video recordings of the real event as posted on the net. The less than two minutes video tape on YouTube will tell you whether it was just five people or eight persons that took part in the demonstration as Murtala Mohammed wanted everyone to believe. The tape clearly showed hundreds of Ghanaians wearing their ordinary attires whiles some clad in the national colours of the country,” RED, GOLD, GREEN WITH THE BLACK STAR IN THE MIDDLE” dancing to a brass band music.

No body don a party attire to identify him of belonging to NPP or PPP or CPP or Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings party of National Democratic Party [ NDP]. So where was the evidence in the minister’s story that the demonstrators were members from the main opposition party NPP?

Checks and double checks from several media houses in London indicate that the demonstration was a massive one which sent a great message to conservative government and other governments in the world.

Investigation has however proved that the minister lied to Ghanaians when he said the number was five or eight persons that picketed around the premier office to demonstrate.

It is high time the government stop lying through its teeth to score cheap political points and tackle the problems facing the country head on to give the good people of the country some comfort in living. Journalists, anchor men should rise up and change the current trend of anything goes where half truth reports are either published or broadcasted without proper scrutiny to give the people factual and accurate news.

It is not surprising to know that ever since Ghanaians realized the running lips of the minister which often than not spew lies, the very ones who had some sort of confidence in the government have thrown it to the dogs.

Tell the government to fix the economy and stop lying to Ghanaians as they are now tired of the lies.



Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.