Why is Akufo-Addo quiet if his 2020 presidential victory was genuine?

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Thu, 18 Feb 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Every intelligent Ghanaian, whether living in the country or in the Diaspora, following closely the political activities in Ghana at the moment will note that Nana Akufo-Addo is now very calm.

This is unusual if you compare the jubilant and happiness the Ghanaian president expressed when he was declared the winner of the presidential race in 2016. The question is why such a big change?

The triumphant Akufo-Addo made his presence felt throughout the whole of Ghana because he has defeated his political rival, John Mahama, the leader of NDC but why this time everything seems different?

It was very clear from the initial stages that the new Ghanaian leader, Nana Akufo-Addo wants to make name for himself instead of concentrating on the problems Ghana faces.

The fact that he planned to build a Cathedral while thousands of Ghanaians are unemployed and changing the names of some Ghanaian institutions, including Flag Staff House, is enough to tell any intelligent Ghanaian that Akufo Addo wants self-recognition.

How can one that claims to be a president following the rules and principles of a democratic form of government, yet tainted his image as human rights advocate in a regime that sent many Ghanaians, including journalists to live in permanent anxiety and fear?

Ghanaians even witnessed a democratically-elected leader that couldn’t stand the truth and criticism. He shut down some media houses.

As the former Ghanaian leader, John Mahama, once said, “He came as a human rights lawyer and standing for the rights of people but he’s trampled on more Ghanaian rights than any president in the history of the 4th Republic.”

In my entire life as a Ghanaian, I have never witnessed such cruel leadership by any democratic Ghanaian leader, if you put the military regime aside. Akufo-Addo totally failed Ghanaians but since he is happy with the implementation of his free education, he thinks that alone will give him salvation and victory in the 2020 elections

That was a big mistake and a mere wishing thinking. He wasn't aware that Ghanaians who have never experienced this kind of government under any democratic leadership have planned to vote him out without warnings.

Even if Akufo-Addo received warnings, he doesn't even care about your warning because he does what pleases him not what people tell him to do. The Ghanaian leader who declared John Mahama corrupt was actually involved in series of corruptible scandals.

The worst thing some Ghanaians did was ignoring the corruption that has enveloped the NPP government, while they pour insults on the ex-president John Mahama, who has already been declared a corrupt politician and undesirable element in Ghana.

It was within the last year of the fourth year service of Nana Akufo-Addo, the majority of Ghanaians realized that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. In fact, Akufo Addo failed to accept responsibility for any corruption scandal that hit the NPP.

Shockingly, there are certain media and writers in the country that aid, abet and defend all the corruptible scandals of the NPP government by referring to the past corruptions John Mahama was involved in.

So if John Mahama was corrupt, it doesn't matter if Nana Akufo-Addo is also doing the same but if Ghanaians don't have a short memory, they will remember that Akufo Addo promised the entire nation that his priority is to declare war on corruption.

These are some of the reasons Akufo Addo lost the 2020 presidential elections in the country. I have no evidence to accuse Akufo-Addo of bribing the head of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah but what I know is the woman was under pressure and scared for her life.

She knew Akufo-Addo has lost the presidential race but it was extremely difficult for her to declare him the loser. Instead, she did an abominable thing by declaring the winner, John Mahama, the loser. However, she is now in the same situation initially wants to prevent.

Soldiers are protecting her, wonders will never end, for the rest of her life? Since Akufo Addo knows he lost the 2020 presidential race, he is now very quiet as if Ghana has no president, leaving all the political unrest in the country to his lawyers to battle it out with the NDC.

The whole world is now watching and the most disgraceful part is the refusal of the EC boss, Jean Mensah to stand in the witness' box to tell Ghanaians what actually took place.

As I said earlier, Akufo-Addo doesn't think about the welfare of the suffering Ghanaians. He only thinks about himself, his party, and members of his family. If he thinks about the poor masses, he will definitely persuade Jean Mensah to clear his name about the accusation of stealing the presidential race.

It is not because of Akufo-Addo, the Electoral Commission exists, therefore, Madam Jean Mensah must listen to the voice of Ghanaians to do the right thing.

Once she fails to do so, that means Akufo Addo wasn’t the presidential winner for the 2020 elections.

Columnist: Joel Savage